NEGROS, MAY 1898 TO JULY 4 1902
Exhibits 1313 to 1317


1313 - Negros Meeting, Nov 27 1898
1314 - Mabini on Negros, Mar 23 1899
1314 - Instructions to Zoilo Mauricio
1315 - Dionisio Papa to Rufo Oyos, May 19 1900
1316 - Dionisio Papa to Rufo Oyos, Nov 1901
1317 - Dionisio Papa to Rufo, Nov 5 1901

Melecio Severino to Mckinley, Nov 7 1899
Smith, Dec 18 1899
Hughes to Barry, Jan 13 1900, Negros
Mann to Barry, Jan 16 1900, Negros

Poore, Oct 4 1899
Otis, Dec 8 1899, 0200am, Negros, Ledyard, Fake News
Otis, Dec 9 1899, 0800am, Negros, Hughes
Otis, Dec 15 1899, 1142am, Negros, Fake News


PRESIDENTE (pro tem.)
Seņor Jovito Yusay

Sr. Ramon Avanceņa
Sr. Fernando Salas
Sr. Julio Hernandez
Sr. Benito Lopez

Sr. Victorino Mapa
Sr. Tranquilino Gonzalez

Sr. Francisco Soriano

PROCEEDINGS. At the Presidente's house at Cabatuan, June 2d, 1899, being assembled in extraordinary session the Councillors whose names appear on the margin, they having previously been summoned in proper form, on account of the arrival of Seņor Zoilo Mauricio, commissioned by the Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo, to direct the Revolutionary movements on the Island of Negros, and here to abide by whatever this Government may agree upon in this particular, the Presidente announced the session opened at half past five in the afternoon.

Proceeding to business, I, the Secretary, read the minutes of the previous meeting which were approved without amendment by the Council which proceeded immediately to take up the subject of the session, and agreed upon the following:

Keeping in mind that Iloilo does not produce what it consumes, and in the present war with the United States, receives valuable assistance from kinsmen on the said Island of Negros, which would suffer equally from the blockade which afflicts Iloilo if war should be declared in the island, and especially because the Revolutionary movement which might be initiated there would not give proper results, whether on account of the actual circumstance which hinder, or because of the geographical location of the island; the Council resolved that the island should continue in its present condition, and that a communication should be directed to Seņor Dionisio Papa, Chief of the Revolutionary nucleus, to have him put himself in accord with the wishes of Seņor Zoilo Mauricio on matters political, and another communication to Seņor Luis Ginete, Chief of another Revolutionary body, with orders to withdraw his forces from Negros and incorporate them with the Headquarters at Santa Barbara.

As result of the blockade endured by the towns which raise our tri-color flag they suffer from a want that demands efficient and immediate remedy, for which reason the council resolved to send instructions to Seņor Felix Montinola, resident of Saravia (western Negros) to send us great quantities of rice on government account.

The real business of the session being finished the Council passed on to the consideration of other subjects which might be proposed by the Councillors, RESOLVING:

1st. To approve the organization of a society which should be called "The Red Cross" for the purpose of collecting supplies destined for use of the hospitals, proposed by the Inspector of Military Sanitation.

2d. And last, to deny the request of Seņor Benedicto Soldevilla who begs to be interred, when dead, in the Church at Lucena, this being prohibited by the Spanish Laws on the subject, adopted provisionally by our own legislation.

And having no other business before it the session was adjourned and is recorded in these proceedings which is signed by the Councillors taking part, to which fact I, the Secretary, certify.

President pro tem
Jovito Yusay

Ramon Avancina
T. Gonzales
J. Hernandez
Fernando Salas
Benito Lopez

Francisco Soriano
General Secretary