Friction between the Negros people of divergent opinions again caused excitement and gave the troops renewed activity. General Hughes on January 13 repeated a dispatch he had received from Lieutenant-Colonel Byrne, of the Fortieth Infantry, which stated briefly the origin of some of the difficulty. The repeated dispatch is as follows:

Iloilo, January 13, 1900.

Barry, Manila:

Following was received, sent me from Negros in reply to request for facts:

"Angel Araneta arrived La Carlota shortly before the breaking out of revolution there. His arrival was regarded as a sign of trouble and caused uneasiness. I had previously heard of him as a promoter of revolutions in Iloilo, although very adroitly professing friendship for Americans, as all revolutionists do. I had him watched, and found he made visits to the coast shortly before the revolution broke out there. I was also informed, on good authority, that at a dinner he said that anyone who befriended the Americans would be assassinated when the Filipinos came in power. I was also informed that he was accumulating arms at his hacienda. Thinking it time, in view of the serious condition of affairs, to act, and knowing his general reputation to be very bad as a revolutionist, I searched his house, and found 2 rifles, 3 revolvers, 2 shotguns, 300 rounds of ammunition, and other weapons. Have kept him in confinement to help keep peace in this vicinity.




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