Exhibit 1316.

[Copy of original made in U. S. Headquarters Dept. Visayas, P.I.R., 970 .5,]

Seņor RUFO OYOS in Sipalay [Negros.]

[NOV. 1901?]

My DEAR RUFO: As soon as you receive this order, collect as early as possible all soldiers and other males capable of bearing arms, excepting only the old men, and endeavor to push the war after the 20th of December, on which date all the towns will rise up in arms. Direct all to be armed with lances and other arms of that nature.

Those remaining in the posts must also be armed, in order to guard the Americans and prevent them from escaping. I am here still awaiting the orders from Baco10d and from the Governor of Cebu. I am also awaiting the troops which went to Cebu to assist, and which have not as yet, returned.

Order Captain Antonio to have in the ranks all the soldiers of the God (?) Buhaue, those of Basay and of Colipapa, endeavoring to have none remain there. Then send a circular to all the towns, ordering them to rise up in arms on the date fixed, and have it reach as far as Dumaguete.

Make it evident in that circular that the towns which do not rise up in arms on the day fixed, shall be reduced to ashes and all their inhabitants killed, men and women, children and old people.

The circular is to emanate from me, and you will sign it only by my order.

Communicate also to the presidentes of Cagayan and other tbwns that they collect the taxes of their respective towns, as soon as possible; and a presidente who shall not have collected the taxes on my arrival in the respective town, shall be hung without any hesitation whatsoever.

I desire that the Presidentes meet there soon and await my arrival.

Send our soldiers with a communication to the president of Cagayan to get the cannon which we have there, directing them not to leave without bringing the cannon, and to return speedily, in order that they may be there on the date fixed. This is my will and desire and let no one oppose this provision.

Tell Obro and Tali to take the rank of Captain, as it is my wish. If they misbehave, I will fix them later.

Fix the soldiers up well so that each one shall have his uniform, and that the captains and lieutenants have the straps indicating their respective ranks. You and Pedro should know how to properly organize the troops, and you must without fail start on December 20th. Without anything else.