MANILA. (Received November 6, 1900-7.15 a. m.)


Killed-1 p. m., Monday, October 29, near Cuartero, William D. Pasco, second lieutenant, K, Eighteenth Infantry; Lem Meador; Addison L. Eneix.


MacArthur, Nov 6 1900, 0715am, Casualties

Oct 28 1900
"First Lieut. Ora E. Hunt, with 12 men, Company L, and Second Lieut. William D. Pasco, with 11 men of Company K, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, makes extended reconnoissance in the direction of Dumalog (Dumalag), Panay, P. I."

Oct 29 1900
While en route to his station Lieutenant Pasco and detail are attacked by a force of 40 insurgents on Panay River between Cuartero and Dao, Panay, P. I., and Lieutenant Pasco and 2 privates are killed and 1 wounded. Insurgents lose 3 killed, 1 captured; also 2 Remingtons and 1 Murata rifle and limited quantity of ammunition."


A correspondent of the Manila "Times" in the island of Panay, writing under date of Oct. 30, gives some particulars of the killing of Lieut. W. D. Pasco, 18th Inf., in the vicinity of Cuartero. Lieutenant Pasco arrived in Dumarao with a detachment of some sixteen men on the evening of Oct 28, after having come up the Panay River from Dao, the station of Company K as far as Cuartero in a casco, where the detachment debarked and marched the remaining eight or ten miles overland scouting for ladrones reported to be in that vicinity. In the morning a party returned to Cuartero, a detachment of Company L accompanying them. Lieutenant Pasco and his men embarked and floated down the river toward Dao. Soon the detachment of Company L, which had not yet left Cuartero, heard firing down the river and at once hastened in the direction of the shots. They came upon the deserted casco, which, it seems, the detachment had left and gone in chase of the insurrectos that had attacked them. Whether Lieutenant Pasco and his men were killed before or after landing is not yet known. His detachment, bearing the bodies of their dead, arrived in Dao at sunset. Besides the Lieutenant, two men of his company, K, were killed. Lieut. Ora E. Hunt, in command of Co L 18th Inf., at Dumarao, left there with all available men in pursuit, drawing on Companies I and K, as soon as he heard of the fate of his brother officer.

Army and Navy Journal, December 22, 1900., p. 394

Arrival of the Dix.

The United States freight transport Dix. formerly the Samoa, arrived from Manila via Nagasaki yesterday. Her only cargo was the remains of 325 officers, soldiers, sailors and civilians who died in the Philippines and have been sent here for final interment. Four of the bodies are unidentified, owing to the marks and numbers having been removed from the graves by some vandal. The remains of

Lieutenant Howard M. Koontz, Forty-fourth Volunteer Infantry;
Chaplain J. Leland, First Tennessee Regiment;
Lieutenant D. D. Pasco, Eighteenth Infantry;
Lieutenant Max Wagner, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, and
First Lieutenant Charles R. Ramsay. Twenty-first Infantry,

were among those brought home.

Arrival of the Dix

William D. Pasco, K 18th US Inf