• Wounded in action in Dumangas Jun 7 1900
  • Died from surgical shock following amputation Jun 16 1900

    MANILA. (Received June 21, 1900-3.10 p. m.)

    ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Washington:

    Killed—May 14, Loculan, Mindanao, Company C, Fortieth Volunteer Infantry, Corpl. Edward H. Larue; Corpl. George F. Edwards, Thomas E. Bennett, James S. Calhoun, Charles Hanson, John L. Litchford, Oliver G. Woodford; June 14, Dumangas, Panay, Company G, 18th Infantry, John H. Glover; June 7, Company D, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Corpl. Albert M. Dennehy; May 3, Santa Cruz, Egaña Panay, Company F, Forty-fourth Volunteer Infantry, George D. McClure; May 7, Pamplona, Luzon, Company M, Forty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Corpl. Thomas G. Day; June 14, Orion, Luzon, Company A, Thirty-second Volunteer Infantry, Fred W. Jenkins; June 9, Echague, Luzon, Company M., Sixteenth Infantry, Joseph Stratman.

    Wounded: June 7, Dumangas, Panay, Company C, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Thomas Gavigan, wounded in arm, serious; June 16, Santa Cruz, Panay, Troop G, Eleventh Volunteer Cavalry, William J. Byrne, wounded in knee, slight; May 7, Pamplona, Luzon, Company M, Forty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Samuel Gray, wounded in arm, serious; June 14, Orion, Luzon, Company D, Thirty- second Volunteer Infantry, Ellet Scribner, wounded in face, slight; May 20, Boljoon Mountains, Cebu, Company A, Twenty-third Infantry, Axel W. Westran, wounded in leg above knee, slight; June 3, Barotac, Panay, Company C, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Peter Dutran, wounded in thorax, serious; Sergt. Charles K. Osgood, wounded in arm, serious; Corpl. John Norton, wounded in knee, slight; May 1, Catarman, Samar, Company F, Forty-third Volunteer Infantry, Fred Myers, wounded in thigh, serious; May 10, Calabanga, Luzon, Company I, Forty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Frank A. Welch, wounded in buttock, slight; May 11, Matuguinao, Samar, Company I, Twenty-third Infantry, Musician Ralph M. Davidson, wounded in shoulder, serious. -


    MacArthur, Jun 21 1900, 0310pm, Casualties

    MANILA. (Received July 9, 1900-2 p. m.)

    ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Washington:

    The following deaths have occurred since last report: Dysentery-June 18, C, Twenty-second Infantry, Daniel Lynch; June 11, A, Twenty-second Infantry, Herbert E. Ellis; June 2, B, Thirty-second Infantry, Samuel Dearmond; June 4, F, Thirty-sixth Infantry, Jesse E. Barlow; June 1, D, Sixteenth Infantry, Martin J. Conway; June 27, C, Nineteenth Infantry, William Rauch; Eighteenth Infantry, unassigned, Charles Grimm; June 25, L, Sixth Infantry, John J. Coyle; June 4, D, Thirty-ninth Infantry, James A. Keller; July 3, A, Ninth Infantry, Cook Adolph Hug; July 5, G, Seventeenth Infantry, Wm. J. Regan; July 3, H, Forty-sixth Infantry, Oscar Peterson; July 4, M, Thirty-eighth Infantry, Benjamin M. Kerr; July 2, I, Thirtieth Infantry, Frank O'Brien; July 1, A, Thirty-ninth Infantry, Julius Anderson; July 7, C, Thirty-fourth Infantry, Matt. Ekola. Typhoid fever-July 3, K, Thirty-third Infantry, Wm. H. Bostwick; June 18, C, Twenty-sixth Infantry, John E. Farrell; July 4, B, Thirty-fourth Infantry, Corpl. Charles W. Gilpin; July 6, B, Thirtieth Infantry, Henry G. Blaesing. Died from wounds received in action- June 26, C, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Peter Dutran; June 16, C, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Thomas Gavigan; January 15, M, Third Cavalry, Austin A. Withers. Malarial fever-June 27, C, Forty-ninth Infantry, Thomas E. Swann; June 17, L, Twenty-first Infantry, Sergt. Henry N. Hall; July 2, G, Forty-sixth Infantry, Corpl Samuel K Regnier. Tuberculosis-July 2, L, Forty-seventh Infantry, Samuel C. Jackman; June 30, C, Thirty-ninth Infantry, Everette Kerbey; June 4, M, Sixth Infantry, Charles E. Ordd. Variola-July 3, H, Third Artillery, George L. Cross; July 2, D, Forty-eighth Infantry, Noah Lenoir; June 27, D, Forty-eighth Infantry, Henry Ballenger. Drowned-April 4, K, Twenty-second Infantry, Paul Fox. Pneumonia-June 24, F, Nineteenth Infantry, Edward G. Lane. Scorbutus- June 29, M, Eighteenth Infantry, Thomas M. Gray. Diarrhea-June 10, B, Twenty-second Infantry, Charles G. Peters. Mercurial poisoning, accidental-July 1, Hospital Corps, Joe A. Jarvis. Carcinoma-June 24, C, Twenty-second Infantry, James F. Kelly. Enterocolitis-July 1, H, Thirteenth Infantry, Philip Bindnagel. Peritonitis-July 6, H, Fourteenth Infantry, Q. M. Sergt. Charles T. Stowe.


    MacArthur, Jul 9 1900, 0200pm, Casualties


    Particulars of the Death of Private Gavigan in the Philippines

    The Merrimack Club's Clambake - Mulroy's Side of Assault Story

    In relation to the letter received by Mrs. Mary Doyle, 21 Heatley Place, announcing the death of Private Thomas Gavigan, the following complimentary letter has been received from his former captain:

    Barotac Nuevo, Panay, P.I.

    Mrs. Mary Doyle, Fall River, Mass., No. 21 Heatley avenue. Madam:

    It is with a great deal of sorrow, I notify you of the death of Private Thomas Gavigan, Co. C, 26th Regiment, U.S.V. Infantry. At Dumangas Panay, P.I., June 7th, 1900, he received a gunshot wound in upper right arm and shoulder, June 16th, 1900, at 3:50 p.m., he died from surgical shock, following amputation at Brigade Hospital. I cannot speak too highly of his excellent character, and the manner in which he performed his duties. He will be greatly missed in his company. Dumangas was besieged by insurrectos for 36 hours. Volunteers were called for to go for re-inforcements. Gavigan was one of the first to offer his services. The detachment had not gone over 200 yards before Gavigan was shot. Since he has been here in the Philippines, he has taken part in the following affairs: Engagement at San Isidore, P.I., Nov. 10th, 1899. Reconnoisssance in force beyond Jaro, P.I., Nov. 18th, 1899. Engagement at Balantang, Nov. 21, 1899. Reconnoissance at Zurraga, Nov. 25, 1899. Reconnoissance at Dingley, Jan. 1st, 1900. Battle at Dumangas, June 6th, and 7th, 1900. Buried at Iloilo, P.I. Number of grave, 70.

    Very respectfully

    A. A. Barker

    Captain 26th Regiment of Infantry, U.S.V.
    Commanding Co. C

    Particulars of the Death of Private Gavigan in the Philippines