MANILA. (Received October 8, 1900-11.07 a. m.)


Following deaths have occurred since last report: Dysentery—September 25, L, Thirty-eighth Infantry, George W. Brewer; C, Sixteenth Infantry, Corpl. James A. Bush; September 29, C, Twenty-second Infantry, Walter O. Cunningham; September 12, K, Eighteenth Infantry, William J. Gardner; September 26, A, Nineteenth Infantry, Charles Mayer; September 13, F, Twenty-ninth Infantry, Archie Rice; September 17, D, Nineteenth Infantry, Julius Seitz; September 24, L, Sixth Infantry, Eugene Shine; October 3, B, Battalion Engineers, William Hobbs; October 4, G, Seventeenth Infantry, Sergt. Martin A. Madden. Typhoid fever—September 29, A, Thirty-ninth Infantry, Walter Morgan; Acting Hosp. Steward John A. C. Huennekens; September 16, D, Twenty-ninth Infantry, John McCarthy; September 25, G, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Sergt. Clinton S. Baker; October 4, I, Thirty-fifth Infantry, Dennis Murphy; I, Twelfth Infantry, John A. Schisler. Endocarditis—September 24, F, Thirty-fourth Infantry, Beaure Reberger. Drowned—A, Eleventh Cavalry, Fred. R. Lyons. Septicaemia—September 15, I, Eighteenth Infantry, Porter H. Voorhies. Enteritis—September 12, K, Forty-third Infantry James E. Clark. Peritonitis—September 23, L, Sixth Infantry, Cook Francis Gould. Killed attempting escape while prisoner—September 28, E, Thirty-fourth Infantry, John Buchanan. Suicide, shot head—September 22, C, Thirteenth Infantry, James F. McLaughlin. Syphilis—October 1, Hospital Corps, Nels Hansen. Variola—October 3, L, Thirtieth Infantry, Courtland McLean. Alcoholism—October 5, B, Third Infantry, William P. Schall. Cirrhosis liver—September 13, K, Thirty-second Infantry, Aaron P. Haverman. Nephritis—October 1, recruit, unassigned, Hugh Smith.


MacArthur, Oct 8 1900, 1107am, Casualties

Seitz, Julius, d. 09/17/1900, PVT CO D 19TH US INF, Died In Pi, Recd Sf On Dix 9/5/01, Plot: 641, bur. 11/15/1901, *
USAT Dix arrives in San Francisco Sept 5 1901 with remains