As Miller's Iloilo Expedition was passing by Mindoro, it met the ship of Lieut. Col. Potter going the opposite direction from Iloilo to Manila.

On his voyage down General Miller met Lieutenant Colonel Potter U. S. Volunteers, off Mindora island on the 27th. Colonel Potter was returning to Manila to report the situation at Iloilo to the Department Commander.
Hughes, Aug 5 1899

When half the distance was covered the interisland steamer Butuan was met.
Waiting at Iloilo

On the afternoon of December 27, we met a ship coming from Iloilo.
- From Iowa to the Philippines, Memoirs of Joseph Ignacious Markey, 51st Iowa

Lieutenant-Colonel Potter, when returning from Iloilo, had met the command of General Miller ... when some distance north, off the Panay coast.
-Otis, in his 1899 report

Miller's convoy and Potter's ship stopped in the high seas.

The expedition was signalled to stop by the dispatch ship, and Miller boarded the ship to hold a conference.

The fleet was signalled to stop, and Gen. Miller left the Newport to confer with the ship captain, who flew a signal flag.
- From Iowa to the Philippines, Memoirs of Joseph Ignacious Markey, 51st Iowa

Potter gave his report to Miller.

Right there and then, Potter gave his report to Miller on the situation in Iloilo.

Potter to Miller, Dec 27 1898

He (Potter) handed General Miller the following report of the situation.
Hughes, Aug 5 1899

He reported that he had found the city in the possession of the insurgents, the Spanish troops having evacuated the town and sailed for zamboanga.
Waiting at Iloilo

"They marched in quietly and took charge about 10 o'clock, as my vessel was steaming into the harbor." - Potter
Potter to Miller, Dec 27 1898

This put a new face on the situation, as the object had been to take over the city from the spanish.
Waiting at Iloilo

Miller and Capt Dyer (USS Baltimore) then conferred aboard USAT Newport.

Then, Gen. Miller and Capt. Dyer of USS Baltimore held a conference aboard USAT newport.
Waiting at Iloilo

After an hour, Miller and Potter continued their opposite ways.

After an hour, the convoy of Miller's Iloilo Expedition, and Potter's dispatch boat, continued sailing their opposite ways.

After an hour's wait, the fleet proceeded on its way
- From Iowa to the Philippines, Memoirs of Joseph Ignacious Markey, 51st Iowa

Otis cabled Washington about his sending of Potter to Iloilo on a fast boat.

Otis cables Washington Dec 27 1898

Potter finally arrived in Manila the following day, December 28 1898.

Otis prepared a letter for Miller.

Otis writes to Miller, Dec 28 1898

He later on followed this up with a letter to Potter.

Otis writes to Potter, Dec 28 1898