MANILA. (Received November 17, 1900-9.28 a. m.


Killed—October 27, Catbalogan, Samar, D, Twenty-ninth Infantry, Corpl. Herbert H. Chase; October 30, Bugason, Panay, First Lieut. Howard M. Koontz, Forty-fourth Infantry; November 12, La Paz, Luzon, H, Twelfth Infantry, John Lumbert. Wounded—Charles McCollister, severely; November 2, Point Bano, Luzon, C, Twenty-eighth Infantry, Patrick W. Crann, arm, serious; Cook John Bogt, thigh, serious; Corpl. Henry Kunkel, head, slight.


MacArthur, Nov 17 1900, 0928am, Casualties

Arrival of the Dix.

The United States freight transport Dix. formerly the Samoa, arrived from Manila via Nagasaki yesterday. Her only cargo was the remains of 325 officers, soldiers, sailors and civilians who died in the Philippines and have been sent here for final interment. Four of the bodies are unidentified, owing to the marks and numbers having been removed from the graves by some vandal. The remains of

Lieutenant Howard M. Koontz, Forty-fourth Volunteer Infantry;
Chaplain J. Leland, First Tennessee Regiment;
Lieutenant D. D. Pasco, Eighteenth Infantry;
Lieutenant Max Wagner, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, and
First Lieutenant Charles R. Ramsay. Twenty-first Infantry,

were among those brought home.

Arrival of the Dix

Lieut. Howard M. Koontz should be on the first column, first line.
They may have erred on the first name and middle initial,
confused them with Chauncey A. Kitchen's who was killed in the same engagment.
Photographed By William Fischer, Jr.,

Photographed By William Fischer, Jr.