MANILA. (Received July 9, 1900-2 p. m.)


The following deaths have occurred since last report: Dysentery-June 18, C, Twenty-second Infantry, Daniel Lynch; June 11, A, Twenty-second Infantry, Herbert E. Ellis; June 2, B, Thirty-second Infantry, Samuel Dearmond; June 4, F, Thirty-sixth Infantry, Jesse E. Barlow; June 1, D, Sixteenth Infantry, Martin J. Conway; June 27, C, Nineteenth Infantry, William Rauch; Eighteenth Infantry, unassigned, Charles Grimm; June 25, L, Sixth Infantry, John J. Coyle; June 4, D, Thirty-ninth Infantry, James A. Keller; July 3, A, Ninth Infantry, Cook Adolph Hug; July 5, G, Seventeenth Infantry, Wm. J. Regan; July 3, H, Forty-sixth Infantry, Oscar Peterson; July 4, M, Thirty-eighth Infantry, Benjamin M. Kerr; July 2, I, Thirtieth Infantry, Frank O'Brien; July 1, A, Thirty-ninth Infantry, Julius Anderson; July 7, C, Thirty-fourth Infantry, Matt. Ekola. Typhoid fever-July 3, K, Thirty-third Infantry, Wm. H. Bostwick; June 18, C, Twenty-sixth Infantry, John E. Farrell; July 4, B, Thirty-fourth Infantry, Corpl. Charles W. Gilpin; July 6, B, Thirtieth Infantry, Henry G. Blaesing. Died from wounds received in action- June 26, C, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Peter Dutran; June 16, C, Twenty-sixth Infantry, Thomas Gavigan; January 15, M, Third Cavalry, Austin A. Withers. Malarial fever-June 27, C, Forty-ninth Infantry, Thomas E. Swann; June 17, L, Twenty-first Infantry, Sergt. Henry N. Hall; July 2, G, Forty-sixth Infantry, Corpl Samuel K Regnier. Tuberculosis-July 2, L, Forty-seventh Infantry, Samuel C. Jackman; June 30, C, Thirty-ninth Infantry, Everette Kerbey; June 4, M, Sixth Infantry, Charles E. Ordd. Variola-July 3, H, Third Artillery, George L. Cross; July 2, D, Forty-eighth Infantry, Noah Lenoir; June 27, D, Forty-eighth Infantry, Henry Ballenger. Drowned-April 4, K, Twenty-second Infantry, Paul Fox. Pneumonia-June 24, F, Nineteenth Infantry, Edward G. Lane. Scorbutus- June 29, M, Eighteenth Infantry, Thomas M. Gray. Diarrhea-June 10, B, Twenty-second Infantry, Charles G. Peters. Mercurial poisoning, accidental-July 1, Hospital Corps, Joe A. Jarvis. Carcinoma-June 24, C, Twenty-second Infantry, James F. Kelly. Enterocolitis-July 1, H, Thirteenth Infantry, Philip Bindnagel. Peritonitis-July 6, H, Fourteenth Infantry, Q. M. Sergt. Charles T. Stowe.


MacArthur, Jul 9 1900, 0200pm, Casualties