Note: William Moloney, L 19th US Inf, died January 4 1900 in both Findagrave and Interment.net, not the January 14 1900 here.

MANILA. (Received January 8, 1900-4.18 p. m.)


Deaths: Drowned—Rio Agno, November 15, Newton W. Reese, Albert E. Holter, I, Fourth Cavalry; Rio Grande, November 7, Clarence W. Crites, D, Third Cavalry; Rio Pasig, accidentally, January 2, Anton M. Bong, I, Thirtieth Infantry; Rio Zapote, accidentally, January 1, Aly C. Larrimore, A, Thirty-eighth Infantry; Rio Camiling, accidentally, December 29, William C. Bryant, corporal, G, Twelfth Infantry. Typhoid— December 27, George Lehfeld, C, Twenty-second Infantry; 26th, August Gruettert, M, Nineteenth Infantry; January 3, George N. Dudley, F, Fourteenth Infantry; 6th, Edward J. Derry, E, Sixth Artillery; 2d, Charles Harrison, H, Twenty-sixth Infantry; 4th, Jefferson M. Stirewalt, E, Eighteenth Infantry; 3d, William Rundy, N, Twenty-sixth Infantry. Dysentery—December 26, Jack Whitney, corporal, E, Sixth Infantry; January 1, Arthur J. Edgerton, L, Thirty-second Infantry; 2d, James Kelly, G, Third Artillery; 5th, John J. McGee, corporal, G, Fourteenth Infantry. Pneumonia— January 1, Theodore Gehring, C, Fourth Infantry; Thomas J. Lyons, D, Third Cavalry; 14th, William Moloney, corporal, L, Nineteenth Infantry. Malaria—December 29, Reuben Weathers, L, Twenty-fifth Infantry; 30th, George Burtchell, B, Engineers; January 5, Patrick Fallon, H, Twelfth Infantry; 4th, William Snyder, E, Twenty-first Infantry. Pernicious malarial fever—November 25, Willie Dance, K, Twenty-fourth Infantry. Chronic diarrhea—January 3, Peter H. Kean, sergeant, H, Fourth Cavalry. Inflammation of bowels—January 1, William Brown, D, Thirty-second Infantry. Aortic stenosis of heart—January 3, Edmond Crabtree, musician, K, Sixth Infantry.


Otis, Jan 8 1900, 0418pm, Casualties