It appears that the accused in this case caused two of the policemen of the pueblo of Cabatuan to bring to his house an American soldier who, unfortunately, was one of weak intellect and strong passions; that, taking advantage of the latter fact he caused him to be delayed in his own house for an hour or more, during which time he plied him with native drink, in the shape of vino, until he was sufficiently intoxicated for his nefarious designs; that he then gave positive orders to these men to take this unfortunate American soldier outside of the pueblo and kill him; that when these policemen returned and reported their action, it was not only approved, but that he took steps to protect these men from the hands of the law, by sending them out to join the insurgents, thereby placing them practically without the jurisdiction of the American government established in these islands; that he took advantage of the situation to the extent that he caused to be placed in the hands of those in open insurrection against the American Government, of which he was at the time an officer, the gun, belt, and ammunition of which they had stripped the deceased. At no time during the intervening months, while he was still holding office as sergeant of police under the American Government, did he make known or attempt to make known his knowledge of the crime that had been committed. The proceedings, findings, and sentence are therefore approved.
Pablo Tabares Trial