The "Tuba" Drink
Another source of much trouble is a native intoxicating drink called "tuba." This, unfortunately, is obtained in great abundance from the new shoots at the top of every cocoanut tree, and can be had at any time for the asking. Two glasses are sufficient to make an ordinary American crazy and utterly unable to control himself. On the November expedition a member of the Nineteenth Infantry, while under its influence, shot and killed his chum at Leon, and is now serving a long sentence in consequence. In the Twenty-sixth many desertions and crimes can also be laid to its door, and it can truly be said that if it were not for its presence here the summary court record would be reduced by more than one-half. Among the natives it is universally used, and no Filipino soldier or guide will go into the presence of danger without fortifying his courage with a liberal allowance of the stuff. The soldiers are under orders not to drink it, and natives found selling it to them are severely dealt with at most of the posts.
Lawrence, Mar 26 1900