• Killed in battle at Duero, Bohol, December 15, 1900
  • His name appears on the 44th Inf USV Memorial at Ft. Leavenworth

    MANILA. (Received January 17, 1901-9.15 a. m.)

    ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Washington:

    KilledóDecember 15, Duero, Bohol, C, Forty-fourth Infantry, Jay R. Young, Troy P. Sliger, Corpl. William P. Ellett. Wounded (extent not reported)óWayne Eskridge, David N. Stark, Solomon Dotterer; January 12, Gapan, Luzon, C, Twenty-second Infantry, Edward D. Mason, hand, side, slight; December 7, Donsol, Luzon, D, Forty-seventh Infantry, Philip A. Hollenbeck, thumb, severe.


    MacArthur, Jan 17 1901, 0915am, Casualties

    Killed in the Philippines.

    Another Preston county boy loses his life not in the defense of his country - but in a land grabbing scheme on the other side of the world. This time it is Troy P. Sliger of near Terra Alta, who was killed on December 15th in the Philippines, where he was serving as a private in Company C of the 44th Regiment, U.S. Volunteer Infantry. The young man served as a private in Company H of the Second West Virginia Regiment in the Spanish war and was mustered out with that regiment and came home. Then when Lieut. W. J. White came here from Morgantown, hunting volunteers for the new regiments for the Philippines, Sliger enlisted again and went with Will Rexroad and others. We have received no particulars of the death of Sliger except the dispatch in the Wheeling Intelligencer from Gen. MacArthur giving a list of the killed and wounded and among them the name of Troy P. Sliger, killed December 15th. His father resides at Possum Hollow and the remains will probably be shipped home for burial in a metallic casket, but it will be several months before they arrive. He was about 26 years of age and a quiet, well-behaved boy.

    West Virginia Argus. Kingwood, WV. Thur., Jan. 24, 1901

    Lucian Sliger, who resides at Possum Hollow, has been notified that the remains of his son, who was killed in the Philippines some time ago, have been shipped and are now en route to the United States and will arrive here within a month or so for burial. Troy enlisted in the service two years ago and was at once sent to the Philippines where he acted the part of a brave and gallant soldier, falling while in the performance of duty. He was a strong, steady and handsome young man when he left Terra Alta, popular with those who knew him, and at the close of the Spanish-American war - during which he served in the West Va. Volunteer Regiment despite the persuasions of his friends insisted on enlisting as a volunteer to the Philippines. His father is an old soldier and draws a pension for his service to the union during the civil war.

    West Virginia Argus. Kingwood, WV. Thur., Apr. 4, 1901

    Troy P. Sliger is on the first column, ninth line
    Photographed By William Fischer, Jr.,

    Photographed By William Fischer, Jr.

    West Virginia Argus. Kingwood, WV. Thur., Jan. 24, 1901.

    West Virginia Argus. Kingwood, WV. Thur., Apr. 4, 1901