MANILA. (Received May 7, 1900-4.12 a. m.)


Deaths: Pyaemia- April 2, Company C, Nineteenth Infantry, John C. Howard. Malarial fever—May 1, Company K, Ninth Infantry, George C. O. Wienecke; April 28, Company E, Thirtieth Volunteer Infantry, Burton C. Cottrill. Typhoid—April 28, Company D, Thirty-ninth Volunteer Infantry, Henry J. Adamson; April 29, Company F, Forty-second Volunteer Infantry, Clayton S. Weed. Insolation—May 3, Company F, Fourth Infantry, Victor J. Senechal; April 27, Company H, Forty-eighth Volunteer Infantry, Thomas Hill. Cholecystitis—April 25, Company E, Twenty-sixth Volunteer Infantry, Thomas J. Welch. Variola—May 4, Company C, Twelfth Infantry, Thomas Osborn. Bright's disease May 4, Company D, Forty-second Volunteer Infantry, James Jackson. Meningitis—May 1, Company B, Thirty-fifth Volunteer Infantry, Corpl. James R. Tyson. Died from wounds received in action—April 13, Company H, Forty-seventh Volunteer Infantry, Sergt. Wiley J. Brickey. Perinephritic abscess—May 1, Company M, Forty-seventh Volunteer Infantry, Joseph E. Rhodes. Dysentery—May 3, Troop C, Eleventh Volunteer Cavalry, George W. Howe; April 23, Company E, Forty-second Volunteer Infantry, Semon H. Sexton. Tuberculosis—May 4, Company C, Forty-fourth Volunteer Infantry, Courtney Smith. Killed by unknown parties: Manila, knife wounds of thorax—April 28, Company F, Signal Corps, U. S. Army, Sergt. Alexander C. Blair.


MacArthur, May 7 1900, 0412am, Casualties


Who Died at Iloilo, Panay P. I.


Letter From Capt. Hickey of Co E

Mrs. Margaret Welch of Suffolk street has received from the war department the watch and chain and some other valuables left by her son, Priv. Thos. J. Welch, who died in a hospital at Iloilo, Panay, P. I.

The following letter is from the captain of the company to which Private Welch belonged:

Iloilo, Panay, P. I., April 27. 1900.

Mrs. Margaret Welch, Lowell Mass.

Madam:---It becomes my duty to inform you that Private Thomas J. Welch, Co. E. 26th Inf., U. S. Vols. died at the Brigade hospital here in Iloilo, on the 25th day of April, at 2.30 a.m.

I regret very deeply to have to inform you of this occurrence as the deceased was a good soldier and performed every duty assigned him.

Final statements have been forwarded to the war department, Washington, D. C.

The deceased left a locker containing some clothing which will be auctioned and the proceeds forwarded; he also left a watch and chain which will be sent to you direct.

His remains are interred here in the English cemetery, and will be forwarded home in due time with military honors.

Yours respectfully,

Capt. 26th Inf., U.S.V.
Commanding Co. E.

Private Welch