It was in the Far Off Philippines That a Bullet Found His Heart and Laid Him Low

Thomas Lee, a young man well known in Black Rock, has been killed while on duty in the Philippine Islands. He is the son of Mrs Charlotte Pinkle of 1956 Niagara street. His father has been dead a great many years. He is survived by his mother, two half sisters and one half brother. They are all young. His age was 19 years and 2 months.

He enlisted in the 26th Regt. Volunteer Infantry, Company C, in July, 1899 and went to the war. He fell on the battle field, shot through the heart.

The first news his mother had of it was from a friend on the East Side, who told her the boy had been shot, but she did not know he had been killed until the following letter from Capt. A. A. Barker, commander of the company in Barotac, Auero, Pana, told her of it:

"It is with sorrow I notify you of the death of Thomas Lee, late private, Company C, 26th Regiment of Infantry, U.S.V.

"On June 18, 1900, a platoon from Company C, to which he belonged, was sent from Barotac, Panay, P.I., to drive the insurrectos from their trenches in that vicinity. At 11 a.m. Lee was hit with a Remington bullet in the left chest one or two inches below the clavicle, the bullet coming out below the left shoulder blade. Every effort was made to save his life. After applying the 'first aid,' he was placed on an improvised stretcher and taken to the rear to Dumangas, where he expired at noon. He was buried with military honors at Dumengas - grave No. 4.

"Private Lee was an excellent soldier and bore a good character. He will be missed in his company. Since his arrival in the Philippines he had taken part in the following military affairs: Reconnaissance in force beyond Jaro, November 18, 1899; engagement at Bolentang, November 21, 1899; reconnaissance at Zarranga, November 25, 1899; reconnaissance at Dingley, January 1, 1900; battle at Dumengas, June 18, 1900."

The remains will be sent home some time next winter at the Government's expense and interred here. The mother will be notified of the arrival of the body at San Francisco.