Exhibit 1312.

[ Original in Spanish Contemporary copy. P .I. R. , 1264. 8 ]

APRIL 7, 1901.

In the margin there is a stamp which reads: "Local Presidency of Garcia."

In the town hall of the town of Garcia, [Panay] on the 7th of April, 1901, the most prominent and honorable persons of this town assembled in mass meeting presided over by the local chief. After announcing the session opened the presidente ordered that the Delegate of Justice, acting as secretary, should read aloud the proclamatdon of February 25th last, issued by the politico-military governor of this province, the object being to inform the patriots of Samar that our enemies sought means to bring about a peaceful solution of the present trouble, and to effect this they availed themselves of the so-called Federal Party; that the Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo, superior chief of the nation, refuses absolutely to accept this means and desires independence solely. Therefore, the presidente was obliged to convene the present board to learn the aspirations of each one, whether he does or does not side with the Federal Party. Those present, after being instructed as to the spirit of the said association, that it has no object other than the ruin of the great and sacred interests of the Philippines and to deceive the ignorant, and furthermore, taking into consideration the present lamentable condition of the principal town, Garcia, which was burned at midnight by the Yankees without the slightest reason, and the serious injuries inflicted, not only in burning the property of the inhabitants when they were in the field, but also the peril to the lives of the poor pacificos (peaceable citizens), they stated unanimously and solemnly that unless the government of the nation orders otherwise, they never would affiliate with the so-called Federal Government, nor any kind of government which our enemies may offer, choosing once for all to die rather than submit to the sovereignty of the North Americans.

And there being no further matters upon which to treat, the act was announced completed, the present minute being drawn up, signed by all those who know how, and those who do not making a cross mark at the end of their names, together with the presidente, to which I, the secretary, certify.

(Signatures follow.)