Exhibit 1308.

[Spanish. D.S. P . I. R. , 1073 . 5. ]

(Stamp) Military Operations. 2nd Column. No. 307.

Dec. 5, 1900.

The Local Presidente of Pavia: [Iloilo province, Panay.]

Neither you nor others need worry about having committed treason towards your country by taking a compulsory oath of allegiance to the enemy; but in my opinion the plea of fear as an excuse on account of threats of death and other misfortunes to your family will not avail you or anyone else; for your keen penetration, I doubt not, should make you aware of the system of warfare the enemy is atempting to wage against the unarmed principal citizens of the town; to speak more clearly, the enemy finding it impossible to wage warfare with weapons against unarmed people, his high intelligence found a way of warring against every class of the enemy, that is, by using cunning and the pen, instruments in which you and the entire town are not wanting. The oath of sham allegiance which you took through cowardice amounts to nothing with us, but it does to all the other Filipinos, as your subscribed oaths will have great influence with the congress in Washington (Washinetong).

But I do not think the excuse of being afraid of harm is sufficient to exonerate you for weakness before our government, as I am sure none of you can point out even a single town that up to this time has been sacrificed by the enemy, who while he makes a boast of civilization, is unscrupulous and barbarous; no one can deny this characteristic in the enemy. If we, for example, in the mountains should surrender because of the mere threat from the enemy of excessive persecutions, what would become of our adored country? To assist you to somewhat more effectively lift yourselves out of the abasement into which you have fallen, I send inclosed herewith a paper which I hope you will return to me signed by fifty or more prominent citizens. With its preservation in the archives of our government the protection of the small authority of this, your friend, will always be pledged in your behalf.

God preserve you many years for our liberty and independence.

DECEMBER 5, 1900.

(Signed) P. MONDEJAR,
First Chief of Guerrillas.


We, the principal residents of the town of Pavia, of our own free will and accord, and with true sorrow of soul, hasten to send to our insulted and respected national government this instrument which we sign in protest against the oath that the Americans under threats of death and confiscation of property succeeded in making us sign. By virtue hereof we declare that without coercion of any kind or anyone asking us, we issue and sign these protests, first having informed the signers in Pavia. on the - of ---, 1900, of its purport, as they do not understand Spanish.

A true copy.

(Signed) CARLO: B. CABA,