Exhibit 1306.

[Spanish. L.S. P.I.R., 1073.2 ]

In the margin: No. 280 Stamp: Military Operations, Second column.

NOVEMBER 30, 1900.


President of the Katipunan of Santa Barbara. [Iloilo Province, Panay.]

It was with real sorrow that I learned of the iniquitous decision of the enemy to force all the principal members of the town to take an oath of allegiance to their flag, threatening with death those who did not submit to this coercion, but if you and the members of the "principalia" of that town have the courage to protect against such an action, I assure you that they can do the former, as it is no more than a strategic act permitted by law in any kind of war, but the latter they cannot carry out, as if they did they would show to the world acts which can be committed only by real savages. I and all the other brothers in arms, by virtue of the misfortunes and great sufferings which the destiny of our country has caused us, advise you say. ing that the same destiny has without doubt resolved to try with this additional suffering, in order that we may all of us be worthy Df possessing and living in the Philippines, which is our own country, I must tell you that as President of the Katipunan, you must always be in touch with me as the First in command of the column, who with the other guerrilla chiefs, send you these instructions assuring you that when a people desires something there is no barrier or danger which cannot be overcome by it. Thus it is time for the people to unite with their defenders and meet these dangers. Please send me your plans by bearer, and not only my column but also the other five in the mountains are disposed to protect you.

God preserve you many years for our liberty and independence.

NOVEMBER 30, 1900.

(Signed) P. Mondejar,
Guerrilla Chief.