Exhibit 1304.

[Spanish. L.S. P.I.R., 1054.8.]

OTON, November 10, 1900.

(In margin) Military operations, Iloilo. - Volunteer Guard. No.2.

At this moment I have received your most important order, No. 39, from those headquarters, in which you order me to raze to the ground the barrio of Napnapan and take prisoners and kill the bad people (los malos) in that barrio; but as I am at the present time making a tour of the other barrios for the purpose of gathering all the arms useful to our cause, fearing that they may be taken by the enemy as they also are going through these barrios to confiscate all the arms they can find, I have been unable to comply with your said order.

Upon the conclusion of this business, I shall do all that may be possible to carry it out.

God preserve you many years for our liberty and independence.

OTON, November 10, 1900.

(Signed) VICENTE H. (?) Y DE LEON,
Officer of Guerrillas.

To MANUEL SOLINAP, Second in command of the Fourth Column.