Exhibit 1303.

[Extract from Spanish. L.S. P.I.R., 1054.5.]

OCTOBER 31, 1900.

Sr. JOSE TALCON, Captain of the General Staff.

My DEAR TALCON: I received yours of the 29th wth that of Alipio immediately following, and after having read the same I have already prepared the answer with the knowledge of Colonel Quintin Salas, a copy of which I send you to see if you agree with it, as it has not been sent yet because the bearer of my first letter was arrested and no one dares to carry any more.

Now we know the humanity of the Yankees! I did not do anything to the bearer of their letters, while the bearer of mine was put in jail. They are more than barbarous!

If you wish me to send you this answer, I will endeavor to have it reach your hands.

We are deceived with regard to Pototan. As I have been informed, to-morrow is the day fixed for the oath to be taken by the members of the principalia and their acceptance of municipal offices. I have already written them that they should never take the oath nor accept offices, and rather lose their lives than recognize American sovereignly, although they tell me that they are not going to swear allegiance to the flag, but only faithfulness in the discharge of their municipal offices constituted by the Americans, which is the same thing as recognizing their sovereignty. What I think of doing is that after they have taken the oath, I will begin to harass the town by firing on it several times every night. Do you agree?

* * * * * * *