Exhibit 1300.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P.I.R. 1047.2.]

SEPTEMBER 30. (?) 1900.

To the local chiefs of the towns mentioned in the margifn.

Having heard with great sorrow, through reliable information received by this Government from the barrios, of the atrocious conduct of the Presidente of the town of Bugason, Sr. Mariano Cabayas, as also of the people of the town under his jurisdiction, said presidente being appointed by the American Government, which has stationed a detachment in his town; and whereas this conduct is that of ambitious and selfish persons and is not only unfavorable to the sacred cause which we defend, but also discourages the honest residents of the same; in view hereof, and in order to correct the evil which this pernicious example and reprehensible conduct may cause, the Council of this Government, at a meeting held the 26th instant, at which I had the honor of presiding, among other things resolved that I should address you as I hereby do in this circular, reminding you of and earnestly recommending an exact and strict compliance with all the provisions of the General Orders of the 11th of July last, circulated by this Government; especially with regard to the provisions referring to the abandonment of the towns of your respective jurisdictions by all males, as soon as news is received that the North American[s] are intending to station detachments in the same; with the warning that the penalty mentioned in said General Orders will be imposed without any hesitation whatsoever upon him who, through negligence or indifference, should fail to comply therewith, in addition to such other measures as may be proper.

Transmit this to all the towns, and let the last one return it with the endorsements of an the others.

TIERRA ALTA, September (30 ?), 1900.

General and P. M. Governor.