Exhibit 1299.

[Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., 1160.2·l

SEPTEMBER 30, 1900.

To the local Presidentes of Jassi, San Enrique, Dueñas, Dingle, Calinog, Lambo, and Vuelva.

I have the honor to send you herewith the attached decrees, one of the 30th of September last and the other of the 1st instant, in order that you may copy the same and publish them by edicts.-Circulate and return duly executed.--
Francisco Jalandoni y Habana, Lieutenant Colonel of Infantry of the National Army of the Philippines and Acting Chief of Staff.

In view of the fact that the time allowed by article 6 of the Regulations and instructions of the Headquarters of the General Staff, in harmony with the decree of June 15th last. regarding the compulsory contribution of war, created for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the present campaign, has already expired, availing myself of the powers vested in me by the General in chief, as Acting Chief of Staff,

I hereby decree the following:

ART. 1. After the first of the following month the period for the issue of certificates of the contribution of war is declared closed.

ART. 2. All those who are obliged to provide themselves with this personal document, and who should ont have this document when asked therefor, shall be arrested and sent to the Military Chief of the nearest detachment, who shall at once make a report to his immediate superior.

ART. 3. The guerrilla chiefs or officers or commanders of flying columns are obliged to collect the war contribution from all persons subject thereto within the jurisdiction of their respective military zones, without regard to class or rank.

ART. 4. The Military Delegates, Local Presidentes and chiefs of the towns and barrios, may apply to the military chiefs of the nearest detach. ments if they should need the assistance of armed forces for the examination of persons not provided with these documents.

ART. 5. The military chiefs to whom persons not provided with certificates are to be sent, are authorized to investigate the reasons which the person arrested may allege for not providing himself with his proper certificate. The circumstances must be carefully considered by the military chiefs.

ART. 6. Those who, through malice or negligence, shall fail to comply with their duties of citizenship and patriotism, shall be declared in default or indifferent to the common cause, and crimes of this character are tried by the military.

Given in the camp of the flying column on September 30, 1900.