Exhibit 1291.

[Original in Spanish. L.S. P.I.R., 977.3.]

TIERRA ALTA, June 2, 1900.

Field and Line Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers:

By the protection of the Lord and Holy God of the Armies, and, by your loyal adhesion to myself, with your inflexible valor, you have again placed me in command of the Government and of the army, and have vindicated our military honor, humbled and outraged by a few officers of the army under my command, who, allowing themselves to be actuated solely by their most petty, ambitious, and unbridled passions and who, undoubtedly, not knowing the military laws and provisions established, had allowed themselves to become insubordinate and mutinous against your General-in-Chief in Tierra Alta on the 18th of last month. However, you, always loyal and valiant, when it comes to the defense of the sacred rights which have been profaned, have completely punished and annihilated the enemy, and his accomplices against good order.

Now, the majority of these mutineers find themselves at the present time in the hands of justice, subject to criminal procedure, and at the proper time they will be tried as they deserve by the council of war which shall be duly appointed for that purpose; and those who have been able to evade military action shall be constantly pursued until they are found and also tried in the same manner and form; therefore, now that I take charge of the Government of this province and command of so loyal and valiant an army, of which I have the high honor of being the chief, I can do no less than to express my satisfaction by giving once more, with the whole effusion of my soul, my thanks for the prudence and loyalty with which you have performed your duties and for the praiseworthy behaviour and conduct which you have displayed during these last few days, which have been so sad for me and so dangerous for us all, thus giving me undoubted proofs of your affection and adhesion to myself.

I also believe that I am in duty bound to inform you of the praiseworthy and brilliant conduct displayed by the distinguished officers, Señores Meyden Ciriaco Zulueta, Antonio Baladjay, who, seconded by another Señor Cuerva, and afterwards by those of the 2nd. Southern Zone and also some others, whom I refrain from naming, have, though seriously exposing their lives and interests, flung themselves upon this revolt in order to throttle it; and this they succeeded in doing through their valor, prudence, talent, skill and determination, putting to death some of the principal rebel officers, arresting others who were placed at the disposal of justice in order that they might be tried; and attracting by means of persuasion the soldiers who having been deceived with such artful malice by the policy of their ambitious chiefs and officers are now very repentent, and freeing the prisoners from the jails of the rebels, Major Arsenio Rios, Captain Isabelo Felipe, 2nd. Lieutenant Martin de Leon who were given their liberty by Señor Mayden. The merits earned by each one of you shall be worthily compensated by me in due time.

Soldiers: be always prudent, respectful and loving to the country in all your acts, and be an example of morality, subordination, discipline, submission, and blind obedience to your superiors, and avoid every· thing which may defame your conduct, fame and good military reputation, for if you do so you will be blessed and applauded by cultured people, the present and future generations; and, the merits which each one of you will earn will be rewarded, and thereby you will win the great appreciation and esteem of your General-in-Chief.