Exhibit 1289,

[Original in Spanish. D. S. P. I. R. , 881 8.]

JUNE 1, 1900.

To the Guerrilla Chief, Seņor NICOLAS ROSES:

It has been noticed with much regret that in the present war against the common enemy there are some of our brothers who, some from convenience, others to satisfy personal vengeance, and very few from conviction, have wandered from the straight path of duty and honor, surrendering voluntarily to the enemy to serve as instruments by which he may carry out his criminal intentions. In view thereof, and considering the enormous harm which conduct so depraved might bring upon their fellow citizens in particular and to the country and cause in general, and, also, that this injury cannot be atoned for except with one's life and the confiscation of his property, if there be any; by virtue of the ample powers conferred upon me by the General-in-Chief, as acting Chief of Staff, in accordance with the instructions issued by the board of chiefs on the 26th ultimo, and whereas, lastly, military operations have begun, the campaign and all kinds of warfare call for an expenditure of large sums to meet these necessities; now therefore in view of the reasons above expressed I hereby decree the following:

ARTICLE 1. All guerrilla chiefs and chiefs of zones are authorized from the date of the publication of this decree to carefully ascertain if in the districts comprised in their zones there are any men of Philippine nationality who have entered the ranks of the enemy to serve as spies, guides or purveyors of information merely to injure the common cause of the country.

ART.2. In the sad event of there being men of the class stated in the previous article, military chiefs and chiefs of zones are obliged to institute summary proceedings in their respective zones for the pursuit and capture of such individuals, and when effected, they will proceed in accordance with military justice, making report to these headquarters of the general staff as to the findings of the court-martial.

ART. 3. The penalties indicated in the military codes shall be enforced against every kind of traitor to the cause; and in the event of their not being captured while the present war lasts, their property, personal and real, shall be turned over to the mnitary authority of the zone, who is empowered to use the same for the urgent needs of the campaign, or as he may deem proper, provided that it be devoted to the service of the war; and provided further that the proper report shall be rendered to these headquarters of the general staff for the proper purposes.

Publish in the native dialect in public places for general information.

Given in the guerrilla camp, June 1, 1900.

Acting Chief of Staff.