Exhibit 1288.

[Original in Spanish. Document signed P . I . R., 977.2.]


The success of the campaign in this province being dependent upon a most intimate union and solidarity between the town people and the military elements who operate therein, and as it cannot be obtained without imprinting in the actions of the latter the stamp of a severe morality, I, as Politico-military Governor-General and therefore Chief-in-command of operations, order and command:

ART. 1. Within the period of 30 days from this date, which cannot be exceeded, all chiefs, line and non-commissioned officers and privates, without any exception, shall know the duties which they have contracted, in accordance with the military rules now in force. The chief of zone who has not copies of said rules should immediately apply for the same to the chief of the General Staff, who shall furnish them with the same promptness.

ART. 2. The chiefs of zones as well as the commanders of guerrillas, shall see to it that the provisions of art. 7 regarding the duties of privates and art. 22 and 23 regarding the duties of 2nd lieutenants are strictly complied with.

ART. 3. While the guerrilla system is in force, the commanders of guerrillas should perform the duties of the captain mentioned in art. 2 and 3, and also those of the major mentioned in the art. 7, 8, and 10.

ART. 4. The chiefs of zones shall have the duties inherent to the grades of Colonels and lietenant colonels of a Regiment, whenever such duties are not inconsistent with the general orders for line officers and with those issued by this General Headquarters.

ART. 5. The chiefs of zones may be liable and tried in accordance with the penal codes for any act of abuse or assault committed by their subordinates or by those who in concert with their troops operate in their jurisdictions. They should also endeavor to avoid any friction between the town people and the military elements, least of all with the civil officers, with whom they should be in even greater harmony than heretofore.

ART. 6. The chief of the General Staff shall constantly be informed of the conduct observed by the chiefs of zones, through the officers of the General Staff under his command and through the Presidents of the local boards. Any tolerance which the chiefs of zones may show to commanders of guerrillas, for not punishing, with firm and vigorous hands and in accordance with the penal codes, criminal offenses or misdemeanors actually committed, and which consist of acts of abuse or assaults against civil officers or private citizens, shall be triable and the chief of General Staff shall at once institute the trial and afterwards submit the proceedings to me for final action. Likewise, the chief of the General Staff shall forward to this office for final action, all the papers regarding meritorious feats of arms.

ART. 7. The chiefs of zones who, on account of their exemplary conduct, have prevented the depression of spirits of the town. people, shall be proposed for a reward; but, those who, by reason of lack of integrity and negligence in observing military discipline, have caused the dismay of the town people, shall be at once separated from their headquarters, and subjected to a summary trial, which shall be instituted and sentenced in accordance with the provisions of the general order issued on the 25 of January last.

ART. 8. Any assistance whic:h the chiefs of zones or commanders of detachment may require, shall be requested from the local chiefs or cabezas de barrios, in a respectful and attentive manner, whenever possible. In case that the local chiefs or cabezas de barrio shall refuse, without good cause or justifiable motives to render such assistance, this Superior Military Headquarters should be at once informed of the same; and where said refusal has caused decided harm to the cause, and there. fore becomes an essential element of the crime of refusing to render assistance, the chiefs of zones shall at once institute the proper proceeding, which, after its completion, shall be submitted to me for final action.

ART. 10. The chiefs and line officers are strictly prohibited from drawing any money from the local funds, or any amount of palay from the public warehouses, without a proper authorization issued from this Superior Military Headquarters, while there are any amounts to be collected from the subscribers of the loan; except in cases of pressing and absolute necessity, when they shall issue a proper receipt to those in charge of the funds and warehouses.

ART. 11. According to the military rules, the chiefs are responsible for the integrity of the line officers, and the latter are responsible for the integrity of non-commissioned officers and privates, and therefore, everyone should endeavor to imprint the stamp of integrity on his actions, because any other conduct will not be tolerated by this Superior Headquarters.

ART: 12. All other provisions which are inconsistent with this general order, are hereby repealed, provided that those referring to subsistence and salaries of the army shall remain in force until further notice.

Given at the General Headquarters of Tierra Alta, May 11, 1900.

General and Chief-in-command of the operations.