Exhibit 1286.

[Original in Spanish. Unsigned document. P.I.R., 889.7.]

MACATO, March 10, 1900.

Sr. Severino Cabives y Calzado, Military Commander and Chief of operations of the District of Aclan [Panay], publishes the following proclamation:

Always having faith in the high patriotism of the inhabitants of this district, and in order that this sentiment in which I glory and in which the commandancia of which I am unworthily at the head takes so much pride, may again be demonstrated; by reason of the abnormal conditions through which our beloved country is passing, and taking into consideration also the precarious state of the funds for the maintenance of our forces and to provide against any evil which may overtake us during such times, I have disposed that the following measures be observed and that their observance be enforced:

1. The exportation of palay from one province to another of this district is absolutely forbidden, as long as the present state of affairs continues, under the severe penalties which I reserve, which shall be imposed upon all violators of this provision. You will send such person or persons to these headquarters. With this end in view publish this proclamation by crier in the local language for three consecutive nights in the center of the town and in the barrios, in order that no one may be able to plead ignorance hereof.

2. You will take such energetic measures as you may deem advisable for the prompt collection of the sums due upon the certificates of citizenship, sending to the administration in Macato weekly all sums collected in this connection, as previously advised, obliging the head men to do so and calling upon the powerful assistance of the former Captains and persons of influence of the town, in order that the most satisfactory results may be obtained.

3. You are authorized to inflict the proper corrective punishment upon the first citizen who may show hostility and opposition to the preceding provisions, and shall otherwise send to these headquarters such persons as you believe deserve a more severe punishment by reason of their criminal indifference.

4. You will make a report to these military headquarters every week of the receipts, and a statement of the obstacles encountered in the collection of these taxes, in order that the proper steps may be taken.

You will acknowledge receipt hereof for the proper purposes.

God preserve you many years.

MACATO, March 10, 1900.