Exhibit 1285.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., 889.8.]

In the town hall of Kababan [Panay], the fifth day of March, 1900.

A general meeting having assembled, composed of the Presidente Seņor Baldomero Veloso, Vice Presidente Sr. Apolonio Escaņo, the Delegates of Police, of Revenues and of Justice, Sres. Tranquilino Gloria, Ciriaco Alfaro and Lorenzo Recuerdo, heads of barrios, Sres. Mercedes Mamin, Agapito Diaz, Policarpio Caban, Maximo Borres, Francisco Peregrini and Andres Malubay, and the principal residents known for their education, social position and honorable conduct, who affix their signatures together with those of the Presidente and the gentlemen above mentioned, having been invited in advance by the said local commander, the meeting was called to order.

The Presidente stated that in view of the present critical state of affairs, it was necessary to treat of the defensive and offensive force at our disposal, as we were on the eve of being attacked by an enemy whose arms and forces outnumbered ours; he stated that the town lacked the elements and supplies necessary in war to be able to meet an enemy, whose fleet was well equipped, and that, therefore, if they should demand of us the port alone, it must not be refused, but surrendered, under the observance of the following instructions:

1. The local chief shall treat with them and provide that they shall not enter the town for any purpose whatsoever. 2. The residents are to avoid treating socially or in a friendly manner with that race, under the penalty of death. 3. That all residents be provided with knives or swords (armas blancas), but it is necessary to limit their use outside the house. 4. To notify the foreigners residing in the town, especially the Chinese, that they are forbidden under the penalty of death, from the day the fleet drops anchor in this port, to communicate, either publicly or privately with the enemy, forbidding them to open their shops from that time.

But in the event of the surrender of the town being requested and the people being required to lower their flag, as they ardently and with patriotic love desire to defend the country to the last drop of blood, it was provided that the following rules should be strictly observed:

1. To abandon the town, all the people, including the Chinese, going to the mountains, leaving no one here.

2. To form the organized force into three groups: the first central group will be placed in the "sitio" of Anistag, and shall be under the charge and direction of the Vice President, Apolonio Escaņo, Police Sergeant Cosme Sarbida, and bolo-sergeant Sr. Gregorio Pegi; the second group, which shall be commanded by the Delegate of Justice, Lorenzo Recuerdo, the Delegate of Revenues, Sr. Ciriaco Alfaro, and the other Police Sergeant Sr. Pablo Empeņo, will be stationed in the barrio of Bobon in the eastern section of the town; and the third group shall be stationed in the hamlet of Gimotagon, and those in its vicinity Lepanto. and Flimbangan, under the command of the Delegate of Police, Tranquilino Gloria, Sr. Mercedes Mancio, the head of the "centro" of said hamlet, and the Police Corporal of the same, Pio Gregorio.

3. All the residents able to take up arms are obliged to join; and should they not obey they shall be beheaded. All headmen shall take care to oblige all their henchmen to attend.

And there being no other matters to take up, the meeting adjourned, the gentlemen above mentioned affixing their signatures to these minutes, to which I, the Delegate of Justice, acting as Secretary, certify.

(And twenty-five other signatures.)