Exhibit 1284.

[Spanish unsigned draft. P. I . R.. 887. 1 . ]

MARCH 1, 1900.

To His Excellency, the General of the Government of Occupation. [U.S. Army]

The local presidente of this town of Pani, the delegates and principal citizens of the same respectfully state to Your Excellency: That having received information that orders had been issued for the transfer to another town of the detachment of your soldiers at present stationed in this town, we must submit to your high consideration the fact that this being the only detachment of troops In the town upon its removal the town will immediately be overrun by evildoers, robbers and insurgents; the two first named will rob us of all they find and the last will levy contributions as is natural reducing us to poverty as long as present conditions continue.

We therefore petition Your Excellency, by virtue of the reasons stated to station in this town one or two companies of soldiers, and permit also that we have one or two companies of native constabulary to protect us against robbers and other evils. This is a grace which we hope to receive from your kindness and may God preserve your life many years.

PANI [PANAY], March 4, 1900.

To the Lieutenant in command of the detachment at Pani.

To the Lt. Colonel in command of the detachment at Pototan.