Exhibit 1282.

Original in Spanish. D.S P.I.R., 980.1.]


In order that our next operations may have a satisfactory result and the success desired, and in order that they may have the character prescribed in the military regulations in force and be in accordance with the "guerrilla tactics" issued on December 23rd last, in the name of the General in Chief, and availing myself of the powers vested in me as Chief of Staff, I order and command:

1. Before beginning the operations, all the chiefs of tactical units shall organize their forces in fractions, and the latter in guerrilla bands, with the proper commissioned and non-commissioned officers, as prescribed in the said "guerrilla tactics" of December 23rd last.

2. After the guerrillas have been organized, roll of the same and statement of the rifles and ammunition which each man has individually and the total surplus shall be made in duplicate, one copy being transmitted to these headquarters as soon as possible.

3. The chiefs of guerrillas will give all their attention to the study of the ground where they are to camp or operate, to watch the movement of the enemy, their numbers, importance of the detachment or convoy on the march, amount of munitions of war and arms.

4. The commanders of forces of bolomen shall place themselves under the orders of the guerrilla chief, who is empowered to organize them in accordance with requirements of the campaign, in excess of the number required by the "guerrilla tactics."

5. The orders of the Hon. Sr. Aguinaldo regarding the waste of ammunition are emphatically repeated, and the chief of the guerrillas is obliged to examine the same every 24 hours before beginning a march or undertaking an operation and compare later the number of empty shells with the cartridges distributed to each man.

6. Upon camping anywhere, or before operating, it is necessary that the guerrilla chief privately inform the officers and commanders of fractions of the place reconcentration.

7. The use of the "Tultugan" (calls) is recommended and is obligatory in movements and on the march.

8. and last. In accordance with the noble desires of our Government and with the sentiments of humanity, I beseech the chiefs of guerrillas to show proper consideration to those who may fall prisoners into our hands; they may be disarmed immediately and sent back to their detachment to inform their commander that we do not fight against the American nation, but to defend our legitimate rights.

Communicate this to the respective subordinates for general information and exact execution.

Given in the General Flying Camp, the twelfth day of February, nineteen hundred.

(Signed) ----- HERNANDEZ,
Chief of Staff.
Stamp: Military operations in Panay - General Staff.


Guerrilla chiefs shall keep a diary of operations in which they shall enter notes of the campaign, events of the day and the most brilliant feats of arms, and shall send the same to the Chief of the General Staff in order that they may serve as a basis for the official chronicle of the war.

To Sr. NICOLAS ROSES, Major and Chief of Guerrillas.