Exhibit 1280.

[Original in Spanish Contemporary copy. P. I. R.. 977.2.]

JANUARY 25, 1900.

In the exercise of the powers conferred upon me by the government of our nation, I hereby decree the following:

ART. 1. Since the Americans have through the force of their arms succeeded in setting their feet within this province, the same is hereby declared in state of war; and therefore any criminal offense or misdemennor which has any connection with military discipline, such as spying, nnd including any voluntary service rendered to the Americans by a Filipino against his countrymen, committed on or after the 18th instant, shall cause the culprit to be brought before a court-martial of summary procedure:

ART. 2. The chiefs of zones shall be the only competent authorities to render judgment on crimes committed within their zones and they shall preside over said court-martials and execute the decisions or judgments which the commanders of detachments who will constitute said court-martials may render. In order to have a majority of votes, it is not neces· sary that there should be two or more votes, nor the concurrence of all the members of the court; it is enough that there should be only one. In case of tie in the judgments rendered by the court, the case shall be dismissed.

ART. 3. All military as well as ordinary criminal offenses committed by those who are under the command of the chief of zone, from the command of a detachment up to the last citizen, shall be of the competence of said chief of zone.

ART. 4 The criminal offenses committed by the chiefs of zones shall be triable before a special court, which shall be composed of chiefs of zones and presided over by me.

ART. 5. The chiefs of zones, in concert with the officer of the General Staff whenever the latter is present, shall direct the movements of all the detachments under thei r command, in the way and form which may, to his judgment, lead our army to the victory, and whenever he thinks that the enemy can be damaged and caused to suffer great damages; endeavoring to surprise and capture the enemy and to seize their arms and convoys.

ART. 6 Whenever there is n chance, the commanders of detachments. without awaiting the orders of their respective chiefs of zones shall not fail to attack the enemy and make them to suffer great damage, seizing their materials of war and provisions. Every infractor of this precept shall be punished rigorously and in accordance whh the military laws.

ART. 7. Whenever it is necessary, the chiefs of zones and, in lieu of them, the commanders of detachments, shall directly request from the local chiefs the necessary number of recruit bolomen who shall be under the immediate command of the commanders of detachments, performing the orders of the latter; and it shall be one of their duties to take the place of the soldier killed. In case of inability or death of any soldier these recruits shall take up the arms of the former and carry with them in the retreat.

ART. 8. The local chiefs and, in their turn, the Cabezas of the Centre and Barrios, are hereby enjoined to furnish the chiefs of zones and commanders of detachment with every assistance which the latter may require, both in men and provisions.

The local chiefs who may show themselves stubborn in rendering such assistance, the expenses of which, if any, are to be charged against the loan in places where the same has been already negotiated, or against the contributions of the inhabitants of well recognized patriotism, shall be considered as American servants, and therefore subject to the provisions of art. 3 of this decree, except in cases where the conduct of the chiefs of zones or commanders of detachments has been so disgraceful as to lead one to believe that the requested assistance was not necessary.

ART. 9 Everyone is requested to act and behave himself with nobil. ity during this war, and those who do not act so shall be considered [Words left out.-Tr], and therefore subject to the penalties which the chiefs of zones may see proper to impose upon them.

ART. 10. The chiefs of zones and, in lieu of them, the commanders of detachments, are hereby enjoined to understand, and cause this decree to be understood by the local chiefs 48 hours after the receipt of the same.

Given at the General Headquarters, Tierra Alta [Antique], January 25, 1000.