Exhibit 1279.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R. 1172.6.]

Stamp: Philippine Government P. M. Government of Iloilo.

Under date of October 29 last, the following communication was sent to the Local Presidentes of the towns of Lambunao, Kalinog, Janinay, Pototan, Dingle and Dueñas:-

"Very urgent.-To the local Presidentes mentioned in the margin.-In order that at a given moment we may count upon means with which to meet the indispensable needs of the troops, thus avoiding a fatal demoralization in which the first victims would be the towns, you will upon receipt of this communication place within the town, subject to the orders of the Government, two hundred cavanes of rice and ten cows, which you will demand of the wealthy residents, as a contribution of war. Inform me of compliance with this order, so that it may also be considered as a special service rendered by your respective towns to the country, as I will also enforce the responsibility, in the event of non-compliance. Let this be forwarded from one town to the other, and the last one return it to me, with the endorsements of all."

Which I transcribe to you for your information and guidance.

God preserve you many years.

KABATUAN, November 2, 1899.

P. M. Governor.

The Councillor of Finance, JUAN BAUTISTA CONFESOR, Kabatuan.