Exhibit 1278.

[Original in Spanish. Unsigned letter. P.I.R., 881.2.]

KABATUAN, October 30th, 1899.


DEAR SIR AND FRIEND: After greeting you affectionately, I proceed to inform you that regarding the arrival of the enemy's reinforcements, it is that there will shortly be an advance movement for the purpose of taking possession of the interior pueblos of this province; and for this reason and with a view to anticipating events, and especially with a desire to avoid mishaps both to the towns referred to and the army, we have established bases of supplies, in some of the towns furthest in the interior. As the present force under arms numbers over 5,000 men, including the militia forces just organized, it happens that the supplies from these towns will not be sufficient to supply them. I therefore commissioned some Officials of Military Administration, with the consent of General Diokno, to treat with you concerning plans for the establishment of bases of supplies in towns to be selected by you and in this way avoid the possible demoralization and disbanding of our troops which might become necessary through hunger. This would work a hardship on the towns, especially as they would be the first to suffer from such an occurrence. It has also been decided that an emergency war tax shall be collected in all the Provinces of the island, in cash, as the majority of the soldiers have not been paid for two months past. The commission of officials mentioned have been authorized to make this collection, but the Council of your Province can name a trustworthy person for the conveyance of the funds collected.

The proximity of danger and the holiness of our cause oblige me to make a special call upon the patriotism of the inhabitants of your Province, and I feel sure of their assistance in this matter.

My respects to your family. Be assured of the regard of your sincere friend.