Exhibit 1277.

[Spanish D.S. P.I.R., File No. 1122.8.]

KABATUAN, Oct. 29, 1899.


[Seal] Philippine Republic P. M. Government of Iloilo.


The Local Presidentes noted on margin: (Kabatuan-Janiway-Lambunao- Kalinog-Passi-Dueñas-San Enrique-Dingle.)

According to the latest reports received in this office it seems that at any day the advance of the enemy will take place, for though routed in many battles in Luzon, he is renewing his efforts in this Island, because according to the course of political events brought about by the war, McKinley, foreseeing his fall and the failure of his policy, is endeavoring to counteract the increase of the Democratic party by exhibiting at the next session of congress in Washington good reports of the war in the Philippines. This should be for us a further incentive to put forth greater efforts to maintain our attitude, considering above all that in the very midst of the American people our independence has supporters.

If, by chance, the advance should take place and our troops should not be able to protect our advance lines, the people of the towns nearest to where the enemy are must withdraw their families to the barrios, deviating in every case from the direction taken by the enemy in the operations that he may undertake, in order to thus save our women from falling victims to the outrages which the invasion would bring about; and from the barrios the attitude of the enemy will be watched in order that the people may gradually return to their homes.

The militia not attached to the army and not having other orders shall guard the families who have to retreat until their return to the town, and as long as the danger continues,

In the event of the enemy already occupying some of the towns, I hope from their patriotism, that without maintaining a hostHe attitude, they will never for any cause depart from the line of conduct laid down by the government.

Send from one town to another and return through the last after compliance by all.

God preserve you many years for our liberty and independence.

KABATUAN, October 29, 1899.

By order of

[Signature illegible.]
The Acting Chief of Staff.