Exhibit 1270.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., 881.3 ]

KABATUAN, October 5th, 1899.

The Federal Council of State of the Visayan Islands having been dissolved, a Politico-Military Government and a Provincial Council were organized of which I hold the Presidency, it being an office attached to that of Governor of this Province, according to the instructions contained in the Decree of April 27th of this year issued by the Honorable President of the Philippine Republic, Don Emilio Aguinaldo, who deigned to confer upon me the Superior Command and Military Chieftaincy of this Province.

Under difficult circumstances have I come to govern you, my beloved fellow-citizens; but with your proven loyalty and effective assistance I do not doubt that I shall be able to perform my sacred mission brilliantly and completely. I have not outlined any plan of action, nor can I give you my programme of government, due to the conditions that at present obtain; for everything must for the present be subordinate to the demands of the war. In other respects I shall circumscribe and subject myself in all matters to the laws in force regarding the administration and government of this Province, guaranteeing peace and the home, and striving for your welfare. Hence it is that I earnestly recommend to the Local Presidents that they give especial attention to the discovery and punishment of offenders of all kinds within their jurisdiction, especially those whose actions might tend to the moral ruin of our towns and the detriment of the cause which we now defend. It is further necessary that everyone, within his respective sphere of action, should comply with the orders issued by the constituted authorities and see that the same are complied with to avoid delay in the transaction of affairs with which he is charged; for though such neglect may be tolerable in normal times, it can not be thought of in time of war.

I am aware that this province is passing through a severe trial that bears comparison only with your high patriotism; but we should forget our sacrifices in the presence of the magnitude of our cause. This is the only road by which we can reach our longed-for independence, and I doubt not that with your assistance I, your fellow-citizen and Governor-President, shall obtain it for this Province.


[SEAL.] Politico-Military Government of the Province of IloIlo.