Exhibit 1252.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy P. I. R., Books, B 4 ]


Kabatuan, May 25th, 1899.

Most urgent.

The matter of public instruction has been neglected up to the present time, due to the fact that the war has claimed our entire attention; but it must now be given the necessary consideration in order to insure the moral existence of our people which has so far been left at the merc~ of an indefinite state of conditions the termination of which must be

coincident with the termination of the present war; and this can not be foreseen with any probable certainty as the fight is to be carried on until we gain the independence of our country. Hence, to meet this demand it became the duty of this Comission to thoroughly study this matter, which it did; and now, with the approval of the Council of Government, I, as chief of this branch of the service, direct that the following rules be observed:

1. Within the first two weeks of the month of June all towns throughout this Federal State shall secure for themselves, respectively, one schoolmaster and one schoolmistress of primary instruction in the manner provided in this circular.

2. The positions of schoolmaster and schoolmistress shall be filled from among the applicants presenting themselves during the first two weeks of next month, and said applicants shall make written request for said appointments to the Local Presidentes of their respective towns, attaching thereto such testimonials or credentials as they may desire.

3. Preference will be given applicants who show themselves qualified as follows: (a) to those who possess diplomas as schoolmaster or schoolmistress of primary instruction, of any class, obtained during the Spanish regime; (b) those possessing the degree of bachelor of arts; (c) those presenting credentials showing that they have pursued two or more of the five courses of secondary instruction as taught under the Spanish Government; (d) those who, either privately or publicly, have taught school heretofore, provided public opinion approves of them; (e) those holding any kind of an academic degree; and (f) those who, while not possessing any of the qualifications herein enumerated, are, nevertheless worthy of being allowed to exercise said calling for any good reason.

4. When all applications have been received, the Presidentes will proceed to make selections from among those possessing the qualifications above set forth, with due consideration to their relative order; and five days later they will report to this Commission their recommendations for approval and appointment.

5. The inspection of schools shall be made by the Presidente of the town to which they pertain; and the teachers shall make report to him of the progress and development of their schools, including the regular monthly reports, all of which shall conform to the Spanish regulations on the subject.

6. Teachers will prepare all data relating to their respective cases in duplicate papers, one copy of which will be forwarded to this Commission within the first five days of next month by the Local Junta, the other to be retained and filed in the office of said Junta.

7. While present conditions continue to prevail, this Commission shall be charged with the general inspection of public schools.

8. For the present the Local Juntas, by agreement with the teachers, shall fix the salaries to be paid, and the first schedule so drawn up shall be forwarded to this Commission on the last of next month for itsap~ proval or amendment. Once approved, this schedule can not be revoked without the consent of this Commission.

9. All laws, decrees and regulations in force under the Spanish Government relating to public instruction are hereby declared in force in so far as they do not oppose the provisions of this circular.

10. This circular shall be translated into Visayan, published by edict, and posted up on pasteboard in public buildings throughout the principal towns for the general information of all.

Circulate the foregoing as indicated on the margin, make a complete copy into its proper book, and return the same when complied with.

May God guard you many years for our liberty and independence.

Chief of the Commission.