Exhibit 1249.

[Original in Spanish. D. S . P. I. R., 311. 1. ]

No. 82

APRIL 27, 1899.

Considering that the Federal Council of Iloilo has been dissolved by reason of the present war, on account of a majority of its members having remained at the points now occupied by the American forces;

Considering that at this moment of great danger for the country the greatest solidarity among all Islands becomes necessary, in order that they all may unite their efforts in the common work of repulsing the foreign invasion;

Considering that the Representatives elected by the various Islands composing the Visayan group or region did not form part of said Federal Council and that consequently it never partook of the nature of a Regional Council;

On the recommendation of the Council of Secretaries, the President of the Republic decrees:

1. The Federal Council of Iloilo in its character of Regional Council of Panay or the Visayan Islands, is dissolved. In its place is created the Provincial Council of Iloilo in the form established by this decree.

2. General Martin F. Delgado is appointed Politico-Military Governor of the Province of Iloilo, and he shall be considered the Military and Civil Commander of said province.

As Military Chief he shall recommend to the National Government an Assistant Military Commander, and as Civil Chief he shall recommend a Secretary of Government selected by himself from among the inhabitants of the Province distinguished by their education, honesty and personal prestige. The Assistant Commander and the Secretary recommended, may fill their respective offices temporarily until the Government approves their appointments.

The Secretary of Government, and the Councillors of Justice, Police and Finance shall assist the Politico-Military Government in the government of the province. All matters not comprised in the respective branches of Justice, Police and Finance shall be under the jurisdiction of the Secretary, and he shall assist the Governor in the supervision of all public services.

The Assistant Commander shall assist the Governor in the direction of operations in the field and shall substitute him in the Government in the event of his absence or disability.

The Councillors shall be elected at a general meeting of the most prominent and influential persons in the province, which meeting shall be called by the Governor. The latter shall place in possession of their offices the Assistant Chief, the Secretary and the Councillors, and shaH transmit to the National Government certified copies of the minutes of election and taking of possession.

3. The Commanding General of the Expeditionary forces of Batangas, Sr. Ananias Diokno, is hereby appointed Politico-Military Governor

of the Province of Capiz, and as such he shall have in Capiz the same powers as the Politico-Military Governor of Iloilo, and he is charged with the obligation of assisting the latter with his forces as long as the operations in the latter province continue.

The Headquarters of operations in a province shall be under the Politico-Military Governor of the same, even though the Military Governors of the adjoining provinces are present with all or a portion of their forces.

4. General Vicente Lukban Rilles is appointed Politico-Military Governor of Samar, with the same powers as the others.

5. This Decree shall be in force throughout the Visayan Islands and the other points where there are Politico-Military Governors, until the recognition of the independence of the Archipelago.

The general laws and provisions shall continue in force in all that is not provided for in this decree.

6. Let it be communicated and published in the official Index, for general information.

Given in San Isidro, April 27, 1899.-The President, Emilio Aguinaldo. - For the Council, Ap. Mabini.

Which in compliance with the provisions of sec. 6 of the decree transcribed, I communicate to you for the proper purposes.

God preserve you many years.

SAN ISIDRO, April 28, 1899.

(Signed) Ap. MABINI.

Stamp: Gob. Rep. Filipino - Presidencia del Consejo.