Exhibit 1248.

[Extract from original in Spanish. D. S. P. I. R. Books C. 6 ]

KABATUAN [PANAY] April 26th, 1899.


In the residence of the Acting President, Sr. Jovito Yusay, on the date above appearing. Present upon due citation, the Councilors and ex-officio members appearing on the margin. [Omitted. - Translator.]

The Acting President called the meeting to order, and the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved without amendment. The Council then proceeded on the whole to the consideration of the matter for which the meeting had been called, namely, the conflict that had arisen between the Council of the Province Antike and General Leandro Fullon. The communications directed to this Government by said Council of Antike were read, from which it appears that General Fullon, in view of the fact that the Island of Panay was in a state of war wished to arrogate to himself the authority of the Provincial Council and establish a Military Government in its place. In view of this evident invasion of rights on the part of Sr. Fullon, the Council resolved unanimously to direct a courteous communication to said General setting forth the reasons for the continuation of said Provincial Council, and how injurious to the cause would be the disorder brought about by a change of Government, and requesting that should the Acting President of said Provincial Council, Sr. Santo Capadocia, abuse his office, he should so inform this Council and the necessary Governmental action would be had.

There was also another communication from the Provincial Council of the Province of Antike praying that under no consideration should a Military Government be substituted for the Civil Government at present being carried on by the Provincial Council.
* * * * * * *

Act. President.


(And five other signatures.)