PAVIA, APRIL 6, 1899

Exhibit 1242.

[Original in Spanish Contemporary copy P. I. R., 886.13.]

1st Commandancia.

No. 377.

PAVIA, April 6th, 1899.

The Liberating Army of the Visayan Islands to the Local Presidents of the towns shown on the margin:

Towns: Santa Barbara, Pavia, Leganes, Zarraga, Dumangas, Batac Viejo, Tuilao, Batac Nuevo, Banate.

I take pleasure in sending you copies of telegrams passed between various Provinces of Luzon concerning the course of our campaign there. These telegrams were received officially at these General Headquarters, and they are as follows:

The Provincial Chief of the Province of Romblon, in a communication dated the 3rd of this month, sends me the following telegrams:

The Provincial Chief of Boac, Marinduque, in a communication dated the 17th of last month, informs me as follows:

The Provincial Chief of Tayabas, in a communication dated the 14th of this month, informs me as follows:

Answering your favor of the 11th inst., I have the pleasure to send you the following telegrams:

Fight continues in Biñang and Caloocan fourth zone we had 27 casualties both dead and wounded among these Sr. Torres Bugallon and the Americans General Makasttin and several officers and many troops.

Santa Ana taken by Americans burning town our troops advancing to Rosario and Escolta Americans request parley account death General and officers and many soldiers.

This comes from the Ricarte column sent by Malbar from Taguig: Three o'clock p. m. 10th Aid Zoriel according to official report many posts of 4th zone taken Binondo to Escolta Americans bombarding Novaleta; Noriel has 11 American prisoners.

Afternoon 13th Americans call upon Governor Estrella to surrender plaza, to which he answers that he wi1I not do so tho' they reduce town to ashes; bombardment continues; night of 13th two American boats that for two days have not done any damage, left· destination unknown. The foregoing is communicated to you for your information. May God guard you many years. Boac, Feb. 17th, 1899. - Martin Lardizabal, Provincial Chief.

Besides those indicated by the above mentioned Provincial Chief, the Local President of Bantom also has transmitted the following which come from Gasan and other provinces of the north:

At 3 p.m. of the 14th battle at Santolan 509 Americans prisoners who are to be taken to Malolos.

At 9:45 p. m. Commission Laguna details 6,000 more Americans dead and 600 prisoners.

Otis requests parley and our representatives being present, he tells them to request peace and conditions to which they replied that he, and and not they, should see to that, so the parley accomplished nothing.

To-day Wednesday a decisive battle will be fought.

Among the 5,000 prisoners there are two generals. To-morrow 7:15 Pasig in our power. Americans little by little leaving for Manila.

General Malbar to Provincial Chief Batangas.

According to reports hy telegraph hostilities have commenced and all at Santa Mesa have fallen into our hands, also Pasay and Maytubig.

American boat surrendered at Laguna de Bay many prisoners taken.

General Ricarte to Provincial Chief of Batangas: Battle stopped by truce Japan and Germany intervene to learn who provoked war.

Foreigners favor parley one American general and chiefs and of ficers dead.

Our colonel Taynia dead major Carmona amputation at thigh.

On the 22nd inst., according to reports, enemy bombarded Taal.

The foregoing transmitted to you for your information. May God guard you many year.- Capiz, March 23rd, 1899.- Graciano Punzalan Lontoo, Governor.

The foregoing is transmitted to you to be made known to the entire population of your district for their information and satisfaction. May God guard you many years for our liberty and mdependence. General

Headquarters, Santa Barbara, April 4th, 1899. - Adriano Hernandez, Chief of General Staff. - Received and duly noted, and the original forwarded to the towns appearing on the margin.