Exhibit 1233.

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P. I . R., Books B. 4. ]

GENERAL HEADQUARTERS, Santa Barbara, Feb. 28th, 1899.

[Literal copy of telegram.]

Telegrams from Batangas to Taal, Feb. 16th, 6:40 o'clock a.m.

GENERAL MALVAR: Have read a paper which says thousands American casualties and few of ours; English witnesses to this news; also

say that two foreigners, one German and one Japanese, and one Japanese correspondent abused by Americans. Some paper confirms report that three American Generals have been killed, and many wounded.

Iloilo quiet so far according to General Fullon who is here to-day; he just arrived; says same can not be taken due number rifles and valor of Filipinos.

Dated yesterday near Malapad-Nabato: We have one killed and four lightly wounded; enemy 70 casualties seen.

Second supplement, Philippine Herald: Saturday (?) of February:

Fight this morning between our troops and infamous Americans at Kaloocan; a numerous casualties among latter, one General wounded, another dead; many Chiefs and Officials dead (Americans).

Whole battalion American California Volunteers who favor annexation of Philippines prisoners in public jail of Bilibid for refusing to fight.

Fugitives from Manila say some foreign houses received telegram yesterday which says conflict between U. S. and Germany inevitable; also for same reason Germans will leave Manila.

Armed expedition composed three men-of-war left Germany five days ago for these islands.

Health LieutenantĚColonel Leyba relatively satisfactory so he believes; thinks he can return in four days to take command of his battalion.

Young Filipina girl tried to leave Manila to join us this morning, was killed by American because she would not submit to him.

Other news: newspaper The Philippine Republic much news; issue of 12th says Mr. German, German subject, arrested and abused by Americans.

Mr. Ciko Komoto, Japanese correspondent, slapped in face in public by American.

Americans watch Germans carefully, consider them as disturbers.

Casualties, Americans, on 6th. 2000 Colonels dead, one General; all churches converted into hospitals full American wounded: total American casualties 6000 confirmed by General Fu1lon just arrived from Malolos: says also Iloilo quiet and not taken.

Kaloocan: our troops well reinforced, Generals Luna, Pilar and Garcia commanding: flanks, Generals Trias, Ricarte, Noriel and Montenegro. Retaking points taken from us by surprise by the enemy; returning towards Manila; also rumors they want to recognise our independence.

A true copy.

By order of Chief of Staff.