Exhibit 1232

[Original in Spanish. A. L. S. P. I. R., 1122.10.]

FEBRUARY 22, 1899.

In the margin: Military operations, Iloilo, 1st District, No.7.

To the Guerrilla Commander, Sr. SALVADOR DOLAR.

For the good of the service, I have seen fit to order that you remain in that jurisdiction of Barotac Viejo with the forces of the 3rd guerrilla and your detachment of the fourth column and the detachment of the fourth guerrilla under the command of Sergeant Romero.

If you should be troubled too much by the enemy, adopt the measure of hiding the rifles and let the soldiers appear as civilians and at night they can render services, for the purposes of defending the inhabitants from the attacks of evil doers: all of this with the proper precautions.

I am exceedingly surprised that you should not have reported to me what occurred when you were stationed in Palhe, for which reason on receipt hereof you will make such report. Sergeant Romero will also make a report of what occurred in Tulatulaan.

God preserve you many years for our liberty and independence.

IN THE FIELD, February 22, 1901.

Commander of the First District.