Exhibit 1226.

[Original in Spanish. Unsigned draft, handwriting of Felipe Buencamino. P.I.R., 468.]

[FEBRUARY --, 1899?]


1st. Paragraph. After the greetings, acknowledgement is made of the papers he has forwarded, telling him the same time that a conference was given to his envoys.

2nd. Paragraph. He is informed that: as, upon the receipt of said papers the republic had already been proclaimed here, and the Office of the President constituted not-responsible, and the council of secretaries, responsible, said papers and the Visayan commissioners were sent to the president of the council of secretaries, Seņor Apolinario Mabini, in order that between both parties they might negotiate and establish the terms of the national relations between Visayas and the Central government of Luzon.

3rd. Paragraph. An account is given that the President of the republic has received notification that a decision was reached, for which he offers congratulations, and also congratulates Seņor Melliza and the leading men of the Visayas on such a happy event; stating, however, that, if the Visavans should notice deficiencies in some detail or on some point, they are requested to refer them to the President of the Republic with all candor and liberty, as the president would make any sacrifice in order to obtain our national union, the most general and urgent question, in order that the Filipino government may have a legal personality by which it can present itself before the face of foreign nations in the solution of the most grave political problems obtaining, and especially in rejecting the American invasion in the name of the 10 millions of Filipinos.

4th. Paragraph. The President informs the Visayans that, in order that the great political idea referred to in the preceding paragraph might not be censured as egotitical, he invites them to come and fill the high offices of the nation, going so far even as to offer to resign his position of President, if the occupancy of his person in so high a seat could be undesirable for the welfare of the country.

5th. Paragraph. He recommends the Commissioner, Seņor Jose Ner for the placing of the loan.

6th. Paragraph. He fondly and fraternally takes leave of Seņor Melliza and of the leading men of Visayas.