Exhibit 1222.

[Contemporary copy in Spanish. P. I. R., Books C. 1 . ]

MALOLOS, January 24, 1899.

To the President of the Federal Council of Iloilo.

The National Government of the Republic has received the communications and documents relating to current events in that place and has taken note of the constitution of the Federal Council over which you worthily preside, by virtue of a motion of Sr. Francisco Villanueva, alleging verbal instructions received from the Hon. President of the Republic Emilio Aguinaldo.

The government ignoring said instructions which have not been confirmed by the President, and confining itself to the fact of the constitution of the federal council, is convinced that the system, in addition to being the most perfect in republican principles, is the one best adapted perhaps to the topography of our beloved country, for which reason he hopes that in the end it will be the one to predominate.

Yet the fact of our being still compelled to struggle for our independence and that the political constitution of the Philippine Republic promulgated by Congress provisionally until its ratification by the legal representatives of the Visayas and Mindanao has been approved, it would appear wise to have a form which would produce the greatest cohesion and solidity of interests between the different islands composing this lovely archipelago and the establishment of a central government which would consolidate them. This would result in making more palpable to foreign eyes our solid unity, the most secure shield against the ambition of the strong.

And postponing a further explanation of the instructions and wishes of the government to future communications, the early departure of the steamer not permitting of greater length at present. I shall confine myself to transmitting to you, by order of the President of the Republic the following decisions:

1. That the council designate special delegates to supervise the elections of the provincial councils and local boards and representatives of each province of the island of Panay, in accordance with the organic decree of June 18th last; also that it administer the oath to those elected according to the form adopted by this government.

Immediately thereafter the persons elected shall take provisional possession of their respective offices and shall so fill the same until the elections being approved by this government they receive their certificates.

2. The representatives elected in each province must seize the first opportunity to come to this capital and take part in the proceedings of the National Assembly.

3. It will be the endeavor to continue all the taxes and imposts in force during the Spanish rule and to administer them to the satisfaction of the tax payers, as they constitute the only indispensable revenues for the support of the State until some economic plan be devised bearing more lightly on the citizens .

4. The Council, with the concurrence of the military chiefs, shall have special care of every thing pertaining to the defense and security of the Visayas and shall permit no foreign invasion, whatever sacrifices it may cost, with the assurance that the National Government will not tolerate any attempt on any integral portion of its territory.

5. The Council shall enjoin the civil and military authorities to energetically watch over individual liberty and interests, suppressing every kind of abuse, taking care not to fall into the vices and faults of the late Spanish administration.

6. The council shall send copies of these instructions to the local government of the Island of Negros, in order that it may carry them out in the island.

Which I take pleasure in communicating to you, confiding in the prudence and patriotism of the Visayas.

God, etc.

MALOLOS, January 24, 1899.

(No signature.)