MOLO, JANUARY 22, 1899

Exhibit 1221.

[Original in Spanish. D. S. P.I.R., 920.9.]

JANUARY 22, 1899.

In the Parochial Residence of the pueblo of Molo, January twenty two, in the year eighteen hundred and ninety nine. The citizen, Seņor Raymundo Melliza, as President of the Federal Republic of Visayas, before his secretary did state: That in view of the fact that this pueblo has not met in order to appoint its delegates up to this date, and as no society can live without being governed by some authority, he appoints, from this time on, provisionally, until the pueblo elects the local authorities who should govern it, in accordance with the statutes of this Republic: Local Presidente, the citizen Seņor Januario Boromeo; Commissioner of Justice, the citizen Seņor Montano Liau; Commissioner of the Treasury, the citizen Seņor Mariano Qocsing; and Commissioner of Police, the citizen Seņor Pedro Consing; and as this pueblo is bounded on one side by the sea, he confers the Commissionership of Marine which belongs to the municipal limits of this pueblo on the person of its local presidente.

The aforementioned persons having been advised to present themselves and having made their appointment known to each one of them, they accepted the office, taking the oath beforehand in accordance with the provisions in force, and having been inducted into their respective offices by the President of the Republic, who appoints them, and by his Secretary; all of them having become informed of the contents of this instrument and the citizen President of the Republic having ordered that two copies be made of it, one of which shall be transmitted to the archives of the Provincial Board of Jaro and the other to the archives of the town-hall, the signing thereof began, beginning with the citizen President of the Republic, then those elected before me, the Secretary, to which I do certify.


Secretary General.

The preceding is a literal copy of its original, on file in the archives of this office, to which, I, the Vice Secretary, do certify.

JARO, January 23, 1899.