Exhibit 1216.

[Original in Spanish. D. S. P. I. R . , Books C.6.]

JARO [PANAY], January 15, 1899.


Meeting held in the city of Jaro at 7 o'clock, p. m., of the 15th of January, 1899. Present: the Councilors and Generals appearing on the margin, they having been previously cited in due form.

The President opened the session, whereupon the minutes were read and approved in all their parts. The Secretary then read the letters addressed to Generals Martin Delgado and Pablo Araneta by the President of the Philippine Republic, Seņor Emilio Aguinaldo, in which he expressed the greatest satisfaction at the firmness displayed by the inhabitants of Ilollo regarding the unjust pretensions of the North·Americans in desiring to occupy the garrison, which resistance excited the admiration both of natives and foreigners. The appointment of General Pablo Araneta by the Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo as General-in·Chief of the Expeditionary Forces was also read. After this the two Manifestos of the 5th and 8th of January of this year were read; also, a telegram from Seņor Felipe Buencamino, Secretary of Fomento of the Philippine Republic to Sr. Raymundo Melliza, Councillor for Leyte, in which he and the inhabitants of Iloilo were congratulated for having checked the course of the Americans in their ambitious designs. It was resolved that this telegram should be answered. It was also resolved that copies of acts relating to the policy outlined by this Government, which had not already been forwarded, be sent to the Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo.

Sr. Benito Lopez, the bearer of these letters, was then given the floor and related how enthusiastic the Tagalogs were over the stand made by the inhabitants of Iloilo against the demands of the North Americans.

There being no further business before the meeting, the session was closed and these minutes signed by the Councilors and Generals present.

To all of which I the General Secretary, certify.

(Signed) R. LOPEZ,

(And six other signatures.)