Exhibit 1214.

[Original in Spanish. Newspaper. P. I. R., 912.2.]

JANUARY 7, 1899.

Taking into consideration that for the reconstitution and establishment on a firm basis of our Republic, the needs of war, etc. * * *

ART. 1. The Government of which I am the President, extends a vote of confidence to Citizen Sr. Raymundo Melliza, Councillor of State for Leyte and citizen Sr. Manuel Locsin, Delegate of Justice of the Local Board of Iloilo, in order that both, jointly or individually may negotiate loans, for a term of three years, at three per cent per annum interest for sums exceeding 5,000 pesos, and 2 per cent for sums, under 5,000 pesos, for the same term; to accept advances without interest to be collected in installments, during the present calendar year, it being permitted that such loans and advances consist either of money current on the market, or of products, or of objects in commerce and those useful to the support of the army.

ART. 2. In order to guarantee these loans and advances, the Government places at the disposal of its said commissioners, Sres. Raymundo Melliza and Manuel Locsin, without any restriction whatsoever, all the revenues of the State, and especially those collected in the province of Iloilo, in order that they may be pledged for the account and risk of this Government, in the most advisable manner, in accordance with law.

ART. 3. In order to protect and guarantee the public with regard to the commissioners, I intend to make an inspection daily of their transactions, either in person or through another person in whom I have confidence, and to remove them as soon as any irregularity is observed.

Let it be published in the official organ.

Given in the City of Jaro, January 7, 1899.

The President.

The Secretary.