Exhibit 1210

[Original in Spanish. Contemporary copy. P.I.R., Books. B.4.]

JARO, January 2nd, 1899,

I, Roque Lopez, by the will of the people and of the Liberating Army, President of the Council of the Federal Statae of the Visayan Islands; do hereby proclaim:

That military operations are being carried on in the pueblos and mountains of this the Province of Iloilo by a Chief of our Army, Colonel Quintin Salas, for the purpose of insuring public order, protecting the lives and assuring the peace of families, and guarding their interests; and for this purpose he is pursuing evildoers and those fanatics vulgarly known as Babaylanes and Pulajanes who commit robbery and pillage, and even murder, to the great dishonor of the Revolution. But whereas I have ever adhered to those humanitarian principles to which the conduct of all true Filipinos should be made to conform:

Now, therefore, as President of this Federal State, I call upon all who may see and understand these presents to know that all persons given to the shameful occupation of evildoers, or who are Pulajanes or Babaylanes, may present themselves within the 48 hours following the publication of this edict to said Colonel Salas, or the Local Presidentes and Military Chiefs, or the Police of any particular locality, with the assurance that they will be pardoned and taken under the protection of the law, and that their lives, interests, and liberties will be respected, with the sole condition that they present themselves every eight days before the Local Authorities until further orders. Should they fail to do so, then they will be pursued by the operating military forces, by all the agents of the' Government, and by honorable citizens until they are completely exterminated and such as are taken prisoners will be subjected to a summary court martial in accordance with the Code of Military Justice.

Given in the Presidential Headquarters of the town of Jaro, on the 2nd day of January, 1899.

President of the Council of the Federal State of the Visayan Islands.

Chief of the Government Committee.

A true copy.

Vice Secretary.

(Signed) M. JALANDONI.