Exhibit 1204.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., Books C,6,]

JARO [PANAY], December 23rd, 1898.


In the Presidential Headquarters of Jaro, on the date above mentioned, the Council of the Federal State met in permanent session and was presided over by Sr. Roque Lopez. There were also present the General-Chiefs of the Liberating Army who had been previously cited to take part in this session, it being of a diplomatic nature. The minutes of the preceeding session were read and approved without amendment. The session was opened by the President, whereupon he took the floor and stated that in the treaty of peace made between this Government and the Spanish Government, the surrender of the town of Iloilo, on the 26th of this month had been agreed to: hence it was necessary that a resolution be passed relating to the entrance of our troops and the form of administration to be established therein. Immediately Sr. Salas, Councilor of State for Cebu, stated that the creation of a Local Junta was indispensible; and also, that there should be appointed a Customs Officer for the port of Iloilo, a Postmaster, a Medical Inspector for Ships, and a Deputy Judge Advocate who should attend to cases now on hand, and which might arise hereafter, relative to the Spanish Code of Military Justice, said Code being temporarily in force by direction of this Government.

A lengthy discussion of the best manner of governing the city of Ilollo was had, and the following resolutions were adopted:

1. A provisional Local Junta is hereby appointed for the City of Iloilo, consisting of Sr. Juan de Leon as President, Sr. Severino Duran as Vice President, Sr. Roman Selis as Delegate of Police and Interior Order, Sr. Manuel Locsing as Delegate of Justice and Civil Registry, Sr. Gregorio Yulo as Delegate of Revenue and Property, and Sr. Pedro Regalado as Delegate of Marine.

2. It is further resolved that in the city of Iloilo there will be stationed only one company of Local Guards, not to exceed 125 in number, nor less than 80, including noncommissioned officers and one 1st Lieutenant and one 2nd Lieutenant to command the same; and two detachments of Port Guards, not to exceed 70 in number and not less than 50, the same also to be under the command of one 1st and one 2nd Lieutenant; the Local President to be encharged with the organization of these corps of urban police, and they shall be immediately subject tto his orders.

3. Sr. Melecio Montinola is hereby appointed Lieutenant Judge Advocate of the Liberating Army of the Visayan Islands, and he shall pass on all cases now under consideration and such others as hereafter are received treating of crimes provided for in the Code of Military Justice.

4. Sr. Juan de Leon, formerly Councilor of State for the Province of the Island of Negros (Northern Zone) and Delegate of Justice of the Provincial Junta of Iloilo, having been appointed Local President of Iloilo, Sr. Ruperto Montinola is hereby appointed to the latter vacancy so created; and to the place thus left vacant, namely, in the Jaro Junta, Sr. Aniceto Albuena, Delegate of Justice and Civil Registry, is hereby appointed; and the place left vacant by the appointment of Sr. de Leon in the Council of State shall remain vacant until the Province of the Island of Negros appoint its Councilor of State.

5. Sr. Cornelio Mapa is hereby appointed temporarily as Health Officer for the Port of Ilollo.

6. Whereas the administrative affairs of the Liberating Army and the Council of Federal State should be combined, the appointment of a Chief of Military Administration under the immediate supervision of the War. Commission is hereby authorized; and Sr. Felipe Gonzalez is hereby appointed to this high office. And for the same purpose herein above stated. a General Staff Corps is hereby created, and any organization created by the Chiefs of Zone is hereby abolished; and this new Corps shall be under the charge of a Chief of General Staff to be hereafter appointed.

7. Sr. Angel Corteza is hereby appointed temporarily to substitute Sr. Pablo Araneta on the War Commission as an ex officio member from the Army.

8. It is hereby resolved that the Council of Federal State assist at the taking possession of the military and civil administrations of the town of Molo, these honors being due to the fact tl1at said town was the cradle of the Committee of Conspirators whose triumphs to-day astound the country.

9. Sr. Tomas A. Puson is hereby appointed Superintendent of Mails.

10. Seņores Avanceņa, Salas, Hernandez, and Concepcion, all Councilors, are hereby appointed a Committee on Civil and Military Ceremonies for the turning over of the city of Iloilo.

There being no further business before the meeting, the session was closed and these minutes were drawn up and signed by all present.

To all of which I, the secretary, certify, and eight other signatures.

(Signed) R. LOPEZ,

Vice President.

and eight other signatures.