Exhibit 1203.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., Books C. 6.]

JARO [PANAY], December 22nd, 1898.


In the Presidential Headquarters of the town of Jaro, on 22nd of December, 1889. Present, the Council of the Federal State of the Visayan Islands, presided over by Sr. Roque Lopez, and the Spanish Commissioners Srs. Vicente Guy and Jose Ma. Romero, the former of whom is Alcalde of the city of Iloilo, and the latter a representative of the Spanish Government. The object of the meeting was to ratify the treaty of peace made on the previous night by said Spanish Commissioners and the Commissioners of the Council of the Federal State at which were also present Srs. Pascual Magbanua, Leandro Fullon, Adriano Hernandez, General-chiefs of the Liberating Army who had been previously cited to assist in these diplomatic proceedings of the Government.

The session was opened by the President, and the Spanish representatives were immediately given the floor. Sr. Romero Salas stated before the meeting the motives of the Commission and the main conditions of the treaty. His main point was the interest he had in bringing about harmony and union between the Visayan people and the Spaniards, between the conquerors and conquered; and that such a step would raise the aspirations of the Philippine people in the eyes of the world.

Then Sr. Roque Lopez, President of the Council of the Federal State took the floor and stated, in the name of the Philippine people, that since the commencement of the revolutionary movement all the Chiefs of the Revolution had ever fostered generous and noble sentiments in view of the grandeur of their cause and the nobility of their ideals. Hence, in the name of the Visayan people, and on his word of honor, he promised the Spanish Commissioners that the lives and possessions of the residents of the city of Iloilo would be respected were they placed under his care. Sr. Martin Delgado, seconded the President's remarks; and, in the name of the army under his command, promised to issue strict orders to avoid any misbehavior on the part of the troops; and he went on to assure the Spanish Commissioners that in view of the high ideals of the Revolution they could safely assure the residents of the city of Iloilo that from this moment on era of peace and prosperity was inaugurated for this country, and that he would use all his efforts to see that these promises were carried out.

Sr. Guy then thanked the Council of the Federal State and the Liberating Army, in the name of the residents of Iloilo, for their noble and chivalrous sentiments.

There being no further business before the meeting, the session was closed by the President; whereupon he took the treaty of peace and personally delivered it into the hands of the Spanish Commissioners.

To all of which I, the secretary, certify.

(Signed) R. LOPEZ, President.

Vice President,.

(And twelve others.)