Exhibit 1196.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., Books C. 6 . ]

JARO [PANAY], November 21st, 1898.


In the city of Jaro at 9 p.m. of the date above mentioned. Present, the officials of the Revolutionary Government, the General-in-Chief of the Liberating Army, the General-in-Chief of the Central Zone the General- in-Chief of the Northern Zone, the General Staff and other Chiefs and Officials.

The meeting was called as a result of the negotiations commenced by his excellency Seņor Diego de los Rios, Governor General of these islands, through the Council on Reforms acting as agents for said General Rios, to treat with the Revolutionary Regional Government of the Visayan Islands concerning an agreement for the suspension of hostilities; and said Government had come for the purpose of taking possession of both the civil and military branches of said Revolutionary Government, accompanied by the citizen General-in-Chief of the Liberating army, the General-in-Chief of the Central Zone, and the General-in-Chief of the Northern Zone and the troops under his command.

The meeting was held in the town-hall of this city, The preliminary discourse was delivered by citizen Vice President Vicente Franco, and immediately afterwards, by unanimous consent, delivery was made both of the military and civil administrations of the city.

The citizen President of the Revolutionary Government, Seņor Roque Lopez, then took the floor, and, in the use of his powers and with the consent of all present, stated that the Ayuntamiento of this city organized in accordance with Spanish law should cease in work of municipal organization, and would be replaced by the system decreed by the Central Revolutionary Government of Manila; and he further stated that the laws decreed by said Central Revolutionary Government of Manila would be enforced in their entirety.

There being no further business before the meeting for transaction, the President declared the session closed, whereupon these minutes were drawn up and signed by the citizens making up the Revolutionary Government, and also by the General-in-Chief of the Liberating Army, the General of Division and Chief of the Central Zone, the General-in-Chief of the Northern Zone, the General Staff, subaltern Chiefs and Officials of the Revolutionary Army; to which I, the General Secretary of the Presidential Headquarters and of the Departments of Government, certify,


Vice President.

and 16 others,

NOTE.-I, the undersigned, Alcalde-Vice President of the Spanish Ayuntamiento, in the name of the corporation which I represent, do approve the delivery of possession of this city and of the State and Municipal buildings made on this the 21st day of November, 1898, by the Revolutionary Government and the Army of the same as set forth in the foregoing minutes; in proof whereof I sign this note on the date herein mentioned.