Exhibit 1195.

[Original in Spanish. D.S. P.I.R., Books C.8.]

JARO [PANAY], November 21st, 1898.


In the town of Jaro on the 21st of November, 1898, the Officials of the Revolutionary Government met in session at 8 o'clock p.m., under the Presidency of citizen Roque Lopez, and resolved to submit the following matters to the discussion and approval of the Government:

1. To request from the Council on Reforms and from the Vicar General (Provisor) the sum offered in the agreement for the suspension of hostilities as indemnity for buildings burned by the Spanish troops, and request, also, from said Vicar General the funds of the church offered by him.

2. To order the gathering of all Revolutionary funds now scattered throughout the Province.

3. To inform the public that henceforward no one is to deliver any gift of money to any agent or collector who is not directly and duly authorized by this Government.

4. To direct a severe note to the Council of Reforms of the Spanish Government calling on them to comply strictly with the conditions agreed on.

5. Statement of damage done the towns of Molo and Jaro by the Spanish war ships in these waters, and also of acts of piracy committed by the crews of the same.

6. Immediate protest against the acts mentioned in the foregoing article.

7. To appoint the Councilor of State as a Commissioner of this Government to treat with the Central Revolutionary Government of Manila in our name, and to request at the same the approval or amendment of the constitution of this Government in accordance with notes and instrutcions which will be treated of at another session.

8. To appropriate for travel expenses of the Councilor of State, while acting as Commissioner, the sum of 700 pesos.

9. That Thursdays and Saturdays, at 6 p. m., be declared meeting days, and that resolutions passed at one meeting be approved at the next, be they ordinary sessions or extraordinary.

10. To appoint a Vice Secretary to assist the General Secretary in his work and to act for him in case of sickness or absence; the name of citizen Florencio Tarrosa being proposed for this place.

After extended deliberation the Council decided to approve the foregoing in all its parts.

There being no further business before the meeting, the session was closed and these minutes signed by all present, to which I, the secretary, certify.


Councilor of Gov't.

(And six others.)